Wire and Shred

 For the mobile I used chopsticks, wire, string, and paper that’s been shredded, that we’re all laying around and at my disposal. I started with the lower tier and tied the paper around the chopstick. It was then heavier on one side and then I added a spiral out of wire. Then I found the center and tied a string around the chopstick, and so it wouldn’t move, I hot glued it. I tied the string to the top tier and added more spirals made of wire around the chopstick. This part was difficult because I had to keep adding more wire to one side because of the imbalance. These three pictures depict my mobile in movement.

1 thought on “Wire and Shred

  1. Meryl Taradash

    Check the mobile design. Please reattach you two connections. It does not connect from the bottom arc directly to the one above. When you tie the bottom arc to its arc above move it to the right or left. Now check the balance.


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