2 thoughts on “Dovetail puzzle

    1. Timothy Dennis Post author

      My first step in making this model was drawing out of the concept on paper. My concept was two cubic dovetail boxes joined together. Dovetail boxes are seemingly impossible to open because of their outside appearance but can be solved rather easily through a simple motion, either by rotating or diagonal movement. For this project, I chose the diagonal movement because it would be easier to construct using clay.

      For the actual construction, I worked on each cubic element separately. Each cube is 1.5 inches in length, width, and height, so I divided it into 3 separate layers, a half-inch thick. the middle layer of each cube is what comprises the interlocking parts. for the corner areas which are weaker, I cut a paper clip and stuck it inside to stabilize. Once I was done working on each component, I placed them into the oven for around 17 minutes. After they had cooled i sanded down the design to get rid of mistakes and to smooth it out. I finished off by painting the design


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