Week 3: “Raisin” continued and Project 1

Hi Everyone:

I have extended the due dates for your Week 2 post (now due 6/16) and Project 1 (now due 6/20). After we get through this week I will assess and adjust the reading schedule for the remaining weeks of the course. As your professor, I understand the need for some flexibility.  Try to complete Week 2 ASAP and then reach out to me about Project 1 and what you’re thinking about exploring. Feel free to email me for feedback at any stage of your writing– thesis crafting, outline, rough draft.  Definitely include the quote sandwich (see my Writing Process Powerpoint slides on the Project 1 assignment page).

Below I’m including a few other resources on “Raisin”– these might be helpful to jumpstart discussion. You can leave your Week 2 comment under my original Week 2 post (with a bevy of Raisin resources) or below here. Either is fine.

P. Diddy on “Raisin”  and Film Trailer


Hansberry’s NY home, important to recognize, especially during Pride

Scholar Dr. Imani Perry on Lorraine Hansberry’s family and “Raisin” (includes footage of 1961 Sidney Poitier film)

My Raisin Wrap-Up  Discussion and Lecture




  1. kezia king

    Hello professor I’m still confused as to what project 1 is? What is to be done?

    • Makai

      yeah I’m kind of confused

      • Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

        Hi Makai,
        Please see the assignment in the course banner at the top of our OpenLab page. Let me know what you’re thinking of pursuing and if you have any questions.

  2. Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

    Hi Kezia,
    Project 1 is our first essay assignment (of 2 essays). Take a look at Project 1 in the banner on the site. Let me know if you have any questions.


  3. Ashley James

    Hi Professor,

    Should we be submitting our project via email once we are done?


  4. Caroline Chamberlin Hellman

    Hi Ashley and All,
    It should be uploaded to to the Google Drive Project 1 folder for our class. The google drive link is in the banner.

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