Boula Fahmy:

I am a student of New York City college of technology and my major is Computer System Technology (Networking and Security) path. Next semester will be my last semester. So I work full time as a teacher assistant in one of NYC public schools. I like to read and to know about new things, so the cryptography topic grabs my attention to read about, especially when I know that part of that topic is related to my major. Cryptography is an interesting topic to read and to know about.

Ariful Islam:

I am getting my bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering Technology at New York City College of Technology. I want to get my Masters from a renowned institution. Furthermore, I want to work in power system engineering. Not only that, but I am currently working a full time job with full time school. I like coding. When I get free time I try to utilize that in coding. Before doing the collaboration project on Cryptography, I didn’t know anything about this topic. When I started working on it, I found it very interesting. I like working with teams.

Michael Pamesa:

I am currently a college student at New York City College of Technology, and I am majoring in Computer System Technology. I am in my junior year of college. Cryptography is a field of interest as well as the security for people, so researching how Quantum Computers affect it was a fun learning experience. I have been slowly building up my experiences to one day help teach others about Computer Systems as well as Cryptography.

Jeffrey Tang:

Hello, I am a Computer Systems major currently attending the New York City College of Technology, also known as CityTech. My passion for coding comes from my even stronger passion for staying at home at my computer, which is where I find myself most comfortable. I spend my free time doing whatever intrigues me the most at any given moment; time is precious, so I believe it should be spent doing what makes you most happy. More specifically, I usually spend it playing games and doing game analysis with friends. We look at the numbers behind games, design choices, how things could be improved, market trends, etc. This hobby of looking into games is likely what hooked me into coding in the first place. I want to make things, I want people to look at them, and I want people to love or hate it.

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