Team 3’s Quantum Computing and Cryptography Collaborative Project

Research Report Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rYvIhBiCdxAgNuDyTdQ71bDzeODzyQ9KDo2kUxR4ls8/edit?usp=sharing

Our report covers various topics in order to get a full understanding of cryptography and its relation to quantum computing. First, it goes over what cryptography is as a standalone topic, how it’s used, and how cryptography is based in mathematics rather than computer science. Knowing that, the report can then introduce the concept of quantum computing and its computational speed. This computational speed is the primary focus of the report, being analyzed as a method that could break the mathematical basis for cryptography through brute force.

After the relationship between quantum computing and cryptography is established, we then look at potential solutions to the problem. We also look at the possibility that a solution might not be a top priority, with implementation being the real problem. Even if a solution is found, we consider how quantum computers haven’t been perfected yet. This time until perfection will be time that must be spent on refining the implementation of a cryptographical solution rather than initially finding it.

On the navigation bar, you’ll find the “Problem” and “Solution” tabs, which explain the problem that we’re researching and the potential solutions for the problem. The “Glossary” tab will go over important terms that aren’t well known to the layman, and the “References” tab will list the sources cited in this site. There is a more complete source list in the actual report. Finally, the “About” tab will have bios about each of the team members in this group. You’re currently on the “Home” tab, which is being used to give a general overview of the entire topic without going as in depth as another specific tab. There is no mandatory order that the tabs must be read in, but it’s highly recommended you read “Solution” after “Problem”, so you more fully understand the context of the solutions.

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