Class Info

  • Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 2:30-3:45pm
  • Meeting Info: Class will meet synchronously on zoom (zoom link)

To-Do Before Class



The Inverse Laplace Transform and the method of partial fractions


  • Use the method of partial fraction decomposition to apply the Inverse Laplace Transform to more complicated functions


Zoom recording

lecture notes:


You may wish to refer to this Table of Laplace Transforms when completing your homework.

Trouble with partial frations? Here are two videos that might help:

  1. Partial Fraction Decomposition – a basic example.  This is a good basic example. 
  2. Partial Fraction Decomposition – another example. This is a slightly longer example, and it includes a good explanation of how to set up your partial fractions for different kinds of factors in the denominator. 

To-Do after class

  1. WeBWorK Due Thursday 5/20: Partial Fraction Decomposition

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