Hi everyone,

The grades for Exam #2 are posted in the OpenLab Gradebook.

Note that you have to be logged in to the OpenLab and you must have previously joined this course in order to see the Gradebook — if you are a logged-in member, you can find a link to the Gradebook in the right sidebar of the OpenLab, or under “Dashboard/OpenLab Gradebook.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your name doesn’t appear in the Gradebook? Make sure you are a member of this course (click through the Profile Page – you can join the course by clicking the Join button underneath the avatar).
  • Your name appears in the Gradebook but you have no grade for Exam 2? If you took the exam but did not receive a grade, please send me an email (most likely it is because we have not yet had our mandatory one-on-one meeting).

If you have questions, please send me an email or post a comment below.

Prof. Reitz