Hi everyone,

I am nearly finished grading Exam 1. The grades for Exam 1 will be posted this week (under Dashboard/OpenLab GradeBook).

As I have discussed with many of you in our one-on-one meetings, this exam was too long for the time allowed. With that in mind, I am giving you the option to earn additional points through the ONE-TIME SPECIAL OFFER below (note: this offer will almost certainly *not* be repeated on future exams), due at the end of next week (Friday 3/26).

Let me know if you have any questions,
Prof. Reitz

Exam 1 Special Offer – earn bonus points.  You can improve your grade on the exam, by doing the following:

  1. Choose ONE problem in which you did NOT earn full points (it’s fine to choose a problem that you did not attempt due to time).  You are working to earn back some of the points you missed on this problem.
  2. Send me an email telling me which problem you chose, and which version (“Form”) of the exam you are working on (for example “I would like to redo problem 3 on Exam Form K”). I will email you a copy of the problem for you to work from.
  3. Do the entire problem over (including *all* parts a,b,c, etc..), neatly and completely, start to finish, on a separate sheet of paper.
  4. Include the following information on the sheet:
    1. Your name
    2. The date
    3. The problem number
    4. Your original score on the problem (out of 25)
  5. On the same sheet, write a short paragraph (at least two complete sentences) explaining why you lost points.
    1. If you lost points due to a mistake or mistakes, explain what you did wrong (this is to let me know that you understand your error).
    2. If you lost points due to not completing the problem, then explain how to solve it (this is to let me know that you have learned how to solve it).
  6. Hand in your corrected problem and explanation, in pdf format, by uploading your work to Dropbox using this link, by Friday 3/26.
  7. Bonus points will be added to your Exam score based on the number of points you missed on the chosen problem(s),  the accuracy of your corrections and explanation, and your overall grade on the exam.  Bonus points are limited as follows:
    1. If you received less than 50% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 35 bonus points.
    2. If you received between 50% – 59% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 25 bonus points.
    3. If you received between 60% – 69% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 15 bonus points.
    4. If you received between 70% – 79% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 10 bonus points.
    5. If you received between 80% – 89% on the exam, you can earn a maximum of 5 bonus points.
    6. If you received 90% or more on the exam, you may not earn any bonus points.