Hi everyone,

As we enter our fourth week of class, I’d like to check in with you about how the class is going so far. In response to student requests, I am also collecting your input on the timing of the first exam. Please complete the (optional) survey below to give me your feedback no later than Tuesday 2/23. The survey is intended to be anonymous – I won’t look at who submitted what, but feel free to log out of OpenLab before completing it to ensure absolute anonymity.

Survey: Check-in and Exam #1

Please provide your feedback on the course, and your preferences for Exam #1.
  • Helpfulness
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    Lecture (zoom)
    Office Hours (zoom)
    Course Website (OpenLab)
    WeBWorK homework (Rederly)
    Emailing your professor
    Tutoring (College - by appointment)
    Tutoring (Math Dept - drop-in)
    Studying with classmates
    Slack, Discord or other (unofficial) group communication
  • What is your preference regarding Exam #1 (currently scheduled for this Thursday, 2/25)?