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To-Do Before Class

  • N/A


  • Chapter 9: Disproof


  • Understand and apply techniques for disproving conjectures of various forms (universal statements, conditional statements, existential statements, as well as disproof by contradiction)


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Class notes:

There will be a group activity in class today – you will have an opportunity to meet with your group, and I will meet with each group to discuss your conjecture and group paper. Here is a link to last week’s In-Class Group Activity Google Doc “Refine Your Conjecture.”

To-Do After Class

Recall: Your Group Paper initial draft is due 11/23.

Homework: None (Study for the third exam!)

Submitting written work (instructions)

  • Take a picture of each written page of your assignment, and combine the pictures into a single pdf document.
  • Give the document a name that will help me identify it, for example: “JRodriguez-Chapter10Homework.pdf”
  • Use this upload link to upload your pdf (this link connects to a Dropbox folder, but you do NOT need to have a Dropbox account to use it).