Hi everyone,

It’s been a pleasure meeting with you all one-on-one over the weekend! Exam #1 grades can be found in the OpenLab Gradebook (look for Check Your Grade in the right sidebar, or go to Dashboard > OpenLab GradeBook).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I see my grade, but where is my graded exam? A link to your graded exam is available through the blue “comment bubble” next to your Exam 1 grade in the Gradebook.
  • My name doesn’t appear in the Gradebook. Make sure you are a member of this course (click through the Profile Page – you can join the course by clicking the Join button underneath the avatar).
  • My name appears in the Gradebook but I have no grade for Exam 1. If you took the exam but did not receive a grade, please send me an email (most likely it is because we have not yet had our mandatory one-on-one meeting).

If you have questions about the exam, please send me an email or ask me in class.

All the best,

Prof. Reitz