Official Exam #2 next Thursday 4/30/20

Hi everyone! Our next official exam (“Exam #2” for those counting) will take place next week on Thursday.


I am limiting the amount of material on the exam – it will ONLY cover the material from Chapters 8-12 (polynomials and rational functions).

You can prepare for the exam in two ways:

1. A review sheet for the exam can be found here.

2.In addition, I will post a practice assignment on WeBWorK over the weekend. This is ONLY for practice – you can take it as many times as you like, but your scores will NOT count for anything. However, it will give you a feeling for the types of questions that might be on the exam.

exam format

On the actual exam day (next Thursday, 4/30), you will complete the following 2 steps, just like the Practice Exam last Tuesday:

Step 1: Complete the exam in WeBWorK (you will have 2 hours from when you start the exam).
Step 2: Submit your written work in pdf format, using a link that I provide (you will have 30 min from when you complete the exam in WeBWorK).

Good luck with your studies!