Exam 2 Grades are posted

Hi everyone,

I’ve finished grading exam 2. This is our first “distance” exam, so I request your patience in navigating various technological hurdles – please read the following important messages before you check your grade!

  • This exam consisted of 6 problems, each worth 17 points (that means a perfect score would earn you a grade of 102 – a little bonus).
  • You can view your grade here on the OpenLab under Dashboard/OpenLab GradeBook (or look for the Gradebook widget on the right side of the screen)
  • In the gradebook you should see a little blue “comment” bubble next to your grade – this contains a link to your graded exam paper (pdf).
  • If your name does not appear in the OpenLab Gradebook, you need to register for the OpenLab and join the course! (then let me know, and I will add your grade information)
  • If you took the exam but did not receive a grade, please send me an email and we will track down the problem.

All the best,
Prof. Reitz

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6 thoughts on “Exam 2 Grades are posted”

      1. Dear Faiza and Suim,

        Thanks for joining the class! I’ve added you to the gradebook and updated your Exam 2 grade (NOTE: you will NOT see a grade for Exam 1 on the OpenLab at this point). Let me know if you have any trouble viewing it or downloading your graded exam.

        Prof. Reitz

  1. Hello Prof. R
    I joined the class with my CYNU ID, but I don’t see my grade here. I don’t know if its the same exam I took on Webwork.

    1. Hi Kanak,
      Thanks for joining the class on the OpenLab! I responded to you by email about the exam – take a look, and let me know if you have questions.
      Prof. Reitz

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