Practice Exam is now available in WeBWorK

Hi everyone,

If you log into WeBWorK, you can find a practice exam/review (in preparation for our upcoming Exam #2) – it is titled “Take Reitz Precalc Practice Exam 2 test“. The exam will be available until Wednesday night 4/29 at midnight (the night before the exam).

It is designed to give you an idea of what the problems on the actual exam will look like. Unlike a real exam, you may take it as many times as you like (before the day of the actual exam), the system will allow repeated attempts at each problem, and the system will provide hints.

NOTE: On the actual exam, the problems may look slightly different than these – with more or fewer steps, and other modifications.

Don’t forget to also look at the Exam 2 Review Sheet. Please send me your questions, either by commenting here or by email.

Best of luck with your studies,
Prof. Reitz

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