Class Info

  • Date: Tuesday, 9/22/20
  • Meeting Info: The class will meet asynchronously today. Read & watch the Lesson (link under Activities below) and complete the “To Do After Class” assignments. Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have questions!

To-Do Before Class

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  1. Sec 2.10 Negating Statements
  2. Sec 3.1 Counting Lists
  3. Sec 3.2 Factorials


  • Apply rules for negating various types of statements, both in formal logic and natural language
  • Count collections of lists with various properties


Read/watch the online lesson: Lesson 8: Negating Statements, Counting Lists

To-Do After Class

You have two assignments to complete:

Homework due Tuesday 10/6, 4pm: WeBWorK Assignment5-Sec3.1-3.4
NOTE: This WeBWorK assignment covers two days of class material – we will finish it up after the exam, and it will be due Tuesday 10/6.

Exam #1: Sign up for a One-on-One Meeting with your Professor: Click here to reserve a time
NOTE: I have provided timeslots on Friday and Saturday following the exam – however, I understand these options may not work for everyone. If you are NOT able to make any of the offered times, please send me an email and we will work out an alternative.

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