Class Info

  • Date: Thursday, 9/17/20, 4:05 – 5:45pm
  • Meeting Info: The class will meet live on zoom today (password is the same last time – send me an email if you need a reminder)

Exam #1 Announcement

The first exam will take place during class next Thursday, 9/24/20. You may use the problems on this Review Sheet to help you prepare for the exam – however, please be aware that the exam may ask you to write and explain your thinking (not just solve problems).

More details about the format of the exam will be distributed over the weekend.

To-Do Before Class

  • N/A


  1. Section 2.7 Quantifiers
  2. Section 2.8 More on Conditional Statements
  3. Section 2.9 Translating English to Symbolic Logic
  4. Section 2.10 Negating Statements
  5. Section 2.11 Logical Inference


  • Understand and manipulate statements with universal and existential quantifiers
  • Translate English language statements into symbolic logic, and vice versa
  • Apply the rules for negating different types of statements


Meeting recording here (password sent by email).

Note: Today our guest speaker, Prof. Laureen Park, Social Science Dept (Philosophy), will return.

Slides for today’s class.

To-Do After Class

You have one assignment to complete:

Homework due Thursday 9/24: WeBWorK Assignment4-Sec2.7-2.11.
(to be completed on the WeBWorK system – see Getting Started with WeBWorK for more details)

Prepare for Exam #1 taking, which will take place next Thursday 9/24. You may use this Review Sheet to study for the exam (however, it is not required and will not be collected).

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