Seminar 2

Open Digital Pedagogies and STEM Applications

City Tech, room N227

10:30 am Introduction to the STEM Application Template

11:00 am   Using Open Digital Pedagogies in the Math Classroom

Presenters: Jody R. Rosen, OpenLab Co-Director & Associate Professor of English

Jill Belli, OpenLab Co-Director & Associate Professor of English

Jesse Rice-Evans, OpenLab Digital Pedagogy Fellow

 Alessandro Zammataro, OpenLab Digital Pedagogy Fellow

 Abstract: In this interactive session, the OpenLab Team will give a brief

 introduction to the OpenLab and show examples of Open Digital Pedagogy. 

12:00 pm STEM Applications for MAT 1275 and MAT 1375

Introduction to deliverables with examples from previous cohorts of fellows. Focused discussion on MAT 1375 topics and brainstorming for the development of new activities utilizing open digital pedagogies.

1:00 pm Pizza and Continued Discussion of Deliverables

1:20 pm Feedback 

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 5, 2018, 11 am-2:00 pm: Using Flipped Instruction and Desmos in the Math Classroom (joint workshop City Tech/BMCC) at BMCC room S613.