MAT1275 Syllabus: Choose an OER topic!

Hello all!

We have created a version of the MAT1275 syllabus which you may find useful, “MAT1275 Syllabus: WebWork Sets + OERs [pdf], and we have a quick OpenLab assignment for you!

MAT1275 Syllabus_ WebWork Sets + OERs


As you can see:

  • we have taken the department’s session-by-session outline of topics and replaced the textbook homework column with the corresponding WebWork sets for each session.  This will hopefully be useful when you teach MAT1275 using WebWork!
  • we we have also added an “OER(s)” column.  So far we have listed the OERs created by last year’s Opening Gateways fellows, and each entry is a hyperlink that leads to the dropbox folders which contain the OER materials.

The latter should also be useful when you teach MAT1275–hopefully you will try to use one or more of the existing OERs!

But in the immediate term, this may help you choose a topic for your own STEM OER! Eventually we would like OERs for most of the topics in the course, so you could consider choosing a topic that wasn’t covered by last year’s cohort. Or if you have already chosen a topic for your STEM application that was covered by someone in last year’s cohort, take a look at those materials (and perhaps try to do something slightly different?)

Finally, to get some discussion going, we’d like you each to post a comment below with the syllabus topic you’ve chosen for your STEM OER. This could be just a single sentence, e.g., “My STEM OER will address the syllabus topic of logarithmic functions”; but feel free to tell us more if you have some preliminary ideas about specific STEM applications, pedagogical techniques, technologies, etc.

9 thoughts on “MAT1275 Syllabus: Choose an OER topic!

  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this, Suman!

    I’m interested in addressing the unit circle and graphs of sine and cosine for my STEM OER. I’ve had only vague ideas so far, but I’d like to introduce them via rides at Coney Island and I picture using technology heavily as part of this.

  2. Hi, Laura ,Marianna, and Suman,
    My stem application is about Circles, Distance Formula .I am not completely in it at this moment but I am very excited to pursue and make a good pdf.
    Duvvuri varalakshmi.

  3. I would like to introduce how every graph that we come across in mathematics is described in terms of an equation , and the relationship between the coordinates of the points on the graph.

  4. Hi, Laura ,Marianna, and Suman,
    My stem application is about Quadratic Equations and Graphs of Quadratic Functions.

  5. My STEM OER project will on an application on determining when to use the Law of Sine versus the Law of Cosine in Trigonometry – maybe include an application of the ambiguous case for these Laws. To solve an application word problem with the Law of Sine and the Law of Cosine students will have to visualize, draw and label the triangle, and decide which law to apply and why. The main objective of this exercise is to show the relevance of trigonometry in the real world.

  6. Hello Everyone,
    As my STEM OER application I will create my own activity in desmos.
    Most likely it will be in graphing and transformations of trig functions. (Sine, cosine)

  7. I would like to do my STEM OER on Rational/ Fraction Equations. I could not decide between Complex Fractions and Rational Equations. I might just do both.

  8. I have decided to focus on the unit circle and its implications (vast).

    I thought to call my topic “the 10 faces of the unit circle” and my impulse is to do some kind of animation with different aspects. But I am not sure yet how to proceed.
    I envision an open discussion with the class. I need some tools to help me and I don’t know if Desmos is enough. For example I would like to be able to inscribe triangles and other figures. I would like to cut up the circle into quadrants, fold them into each other, track the effect of something in one quadrant. I would like to roll a marble or walk an ant around the circumference to define radians. And so forth.

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