Open Digital Pedagogies

We are excited that our next seminars for City Tech Fellow and BMCC fellows are fast approaching!

For our City Tech fellows:

Seminar #2: Using Open Digital Pedagogies in the Math Classroom

City Tech, room N227, 10:30 am – 1:30 pm


Open Digital Pedagogy=Critical Pedagogy by Jody R. Rosen and Maura A. Smale

Reading Prompt and Agenda

r our BMCC fellows:

Seminar #2: Inquiry Based Learning

BMCC, room S 613, 11 am – 2 pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

The OG Team


14 thoughts on “Open Digital Pedagogies

  1. All of Jonas’s ideas for OpenLab assignments are amazing. I’d really like to think of ideas for an assignment like his “Tell me about infinity” one, but with content that is more relevant for MAT 1275 students. I’m teaching the course for the first time now and struggling to make these kinds of connections between the contents and students’ own ideas.

    • Thanks, Kate! The “infinity” assignment came up because infinity is a concept that everyone has some personal, intuitive experience of – but in Calc II we treat it formally and rigorously for the first time. I see the tension between intuitive understanding and formal definition sometimes causing problems because students rely too heavily on their “gut feelings,” which might be at odds with the mathematical usage. I wanted to give students a chance to think more intentionally about their prior understanding of the concept. I’m wondering what 1275 topics are similar – especially topics with vocabulary words that have crossover into everyday life. “complex” and “imaginary” come to mind, but no doubt there are more…

  2. I would like to use the OpenLab to engage students in my MAT 1275 course. I am currently using WebWork for the course; however, I am still having issue to get all of my students to use the site.

    I would like to use the discussion instead of my email to respond to students comments.

    • Rodley,

      I found that an effective method of getting my students to become OpenLab members is to bring the iPads to the first class meeting and have students
      navigate to the OpenLab and set up their accounts right away. (I also do this with WeBWorK, I have my students use the iPads to log into their
      WeBWorK accounts on the first day of class.) If you don’t want to do this, you might try having their first homework assignment
      consist of becoming a member of your course site and writing an post. Good luck!


  3. It is so true. It helps. In the summer semester I brought the cart with tablets in first class and I asked students to sign up for both: open lab and webwork. I posted a discussion question so they could show up. It was great because they got to help out each other to sign up as well.(not everyone has same computer skills).

    For this semester I used another trick. I put some files and slides on class site so they had to sign up to get it. It worked for me….

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