Final Review, Study Guide, Problem 2

Final Exam Review
Problem #2
Julieann McGonigle

2)  There are six photocopying machines in a college office. During August 1999, these    machines produced 2567, 5456, 3769,2245, 6678, and 3398 copies. Find the mean, median, and mode of the number of copies produced by these machines.


Step 1: List data in order starting with the least amount of machines produced & ending with the greatest amount of machines produced:

2,245               2,567               3,398               3,769               5,456               6,678

Step 2: After listing them in order, you then add all of the numbers together:  When you have the sum of all the numbers, you divide by the amount of numbers, in this case 6, to calculate the mean.

3,398                         24,122   = 4,018.83(MEAN)
3,769                              6

Step3: in order to find the median, we need to see exactly which number lies in the middle of all of our data. In this case, there isn’t just one number. We now have to add both numbers that are in the middle. After we have the sum, we then divide this number by 2.

3,398 + 3,769 = 7,167   = 3,583.5(MEDIAN)

Step 4: To calculate the mode, we need to review our data and see exactly which number reoccurs. If there is no number that repeats, then there is not a mode.

  • In this set of data, there is no mode.

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