Class Updates: WeBWorK, Exam #3, my black eye

A few important items:

  1. Yes, I was indeed in a bike accident today.  I was lucky and walked away with a few scrapes, 3 stitches and a black eye.  You can check out the damage on Thursday.  Here is card that my almost-4-year-old daughter made for me – she says it is a picture of “funny smiling people, to make you laugh,” but I swear the one on the right looks just like me sailing through the air over my bicycle.
  2. The deadline for WeBWorK #9 has been extended to this Thursday, April 18th, at midnight.
  3. WeBWorK #10 is ON HOLD for now — the deadline and problems may be changed.  Don’t work on it for now.  I’ll give you an update on Thursday.
  4. The third exam, scheduled to take place next Tuesday, is postponed by one class day.  The new date for the third exam is next Thursday, April 25.  A review sheet is available on the Handouts page, and will be distributed in class this Thursday.

Take care, and be safe,
– Mr. Reitz

5 thoughts on “Class Updates: WeBWorK, Exam #3, my black eye

  1. Professor,
    I’m so happy to hear you are ok. That must have been one hell of a scary experience, and I’m really sorry that that happened to you, we truly missed you in class today. Looking forward to checking out the damages on Thur. Feel better.

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