OpenLab #3: Take a break

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who has responded so far, BUT… the point of this assignment is to give your classmates the chance to explore new, fun music! So I’ve added a requirement — you MUST include at least one or two specific songs in your post in order to get the extra credit (it would be extra special if you include a youtube link!).  Yes, it’s hard to decide on just one or two, and I know you like lots and lots of different music…  tough luck.

You have no OpenLab assignment this weekend – use the time to catch up on other work and study for the exam.

Extra credit (due Thursday, 2/28, at 2:30pm).  Tell me what music you like.  What’s in heavy rotation on your iPod?  I’m listening to Parov Stelar (“compulsively listenable electroswing”) and alt-J (“creamy vocals, hip-hop drums, folk guitar and synth”).  A few ground rules:  No offensive lyrics, be considerate of others, feel free to include a link but only to a legal site such as YouTube or SoundCloud.

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  1. To be honest, I don’t have a particular choice when it comes to music. I think it depends on my mood. I have some pop, hip hop, rap, r&b, rock, latin music, and some Italian pop all on my ipod. My choice of music really depends on what activity I’m doing or what mood I am in.

  2. I strongly agree with Sarina’s comment above, my music choice depends on my mood at the time. But, aside from that, my taste in music varies. I’d listen to just about anything. Hip-hop, rap, soca, rock, pop, anything that sounds good. I’m from Trinidad, and carnival season just about ended, so I’ve been listening to a lot of soca. Muse would definitely have to be my favorite rock band, I may not listen to them all the time, but I absolutely love their music. I got introduced to Muse from the Twilight Saga movies, their songs were always on the movies’ soundtrack. When it comes to hip-hop/rap, Lil Wayne and Meek Mill are at the top of my list. I just love music, I don’t think anyone could live without it.

    • Great variety! Could you post one or two songs you like (so we can hear some examples)? I don’t know soca – what’s a good introduction? I also know Muse from the Twilight soundtrack, but I don’t know any of their other stuff – what’s your favorite song?

  3. I love all kinds of music, wish I had more time to play. I love reggae, soca & chutney but I listen to pop, rap, r&b, rock, latin music. My choice of music depends on what attitude I want or mood I’m in.

    What does extra credit calculate to for this and each assignment?

  4. i like almost anything with a nice tune or melody.

    I used to listen to Indian/”Bollywood” music (sung in “Hindi”, not sure if other languages are used), a bit of various Guyanese related music or “West Indies” types, while at the same time listening to American Rock’N Roll & Alternative rock/other etc.

    Now i’m listening to other music mainly of “Anime Music” & J-Rock/POP (Both of Japanese Music), and also with some other new types of foreign music that i found using a new version of VLC player with internet-radio music…lolz..

  5. Oh depending on the “Anime-cartoon” series some may use languages other Japanese that have other aesthetics to the series such as for Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (story by Shirow Masamune)

  6. Music i listen to depends on my mood. Also I’m a fan of International music around the world, including traditional. If I’m hyper and energetic i will listen to Techno, trance and go crazy dancing. I listen to all types of music including Pop,Rap, old classics and Classical music. The only type i dislike is Jazz and blues.

  7. I think that I pretty much listen to a little bit or everything, but I have to agree with Sarina, it really depends on my mood. I love hip hop, I always have, but I tend to listen to more old school hip hop than anything current. I listen to latin music, mostly cuban or colombian cumbia. As of late, I have been in the alternative mood listening to a lot of Chris Cornell, and Pearl Jam. “Black” and “Hunger Strike” are definitely on my top ten fave list.

  8. I love to listen to Rock when I am working out or upset like Linkin Park or Breaking Benjamin. I love to listen to R and B music when I am sad. I love listening to music I can dance to like “Show me love by Robin S” what girl doesnt love that song in a club! or electronic music.I also love music i can sing too like freestyle or pop music Judy Torres-Come into my arms. Yes im old school.

  9. Prof nice videos. Just a couple of what I’m listening to these days.

    Check this guy dance give the vid a few seconds. He is amazing, plus the track he is dancing to is kool.

    Something kool but melow:

    Something from Bollywood, plus the chick in this vid is really hot..

  10. I listen to almost all kinds of songs. If it has a nice tune and beat to it, i will like it. I def agree with some of the comments above about listening to certain types of music depending on my mood. If im happy and energetic i will listen to more upbeat songs and if im sad or in a bad mood i will probably listen to something more slow and calming. Two of my all time fav would be
    Fireflies by Owl City
    Trouble by Taylor Swift

  11. I love listening to reggae music. My favorite artists are Buju Banton and Bob Marley. Bob Marley’s music is so mellow and always puts me in a good mood. One of my favorite songs by Bob Marley is “one good thing about music when it hits, you feel no pain”. My favorite song by Buju Banton is “Destiny”

  12. HI , I just want to mention if the professor did not ask this question i will be able think about what is my favorite music. I usually , listen to Turkish music or French as Lara Fabian. But , i am more into to French music because that’s what i grew up with.

  13. I listen to various types of music on my ipod from classic rock, folk and some alternative bands. As well as hip hop, r&b and dancehall music. When it comes to international music from acrfoss the world I am open minded but very limited music selection on my ipod currently. I listen to everything but more often than other songs i play this frequently. I guess its the sounds, instruments and message being sent that it just soothes the soul.
    “On the Run” by Pink FLoyd from the Dark Side of the Moon album:

  14. All the songs in my Ipod are getting from my friends when i go to their house because I usually don’t bother to search for new songs. I like all different types of music as long as it is good. My recent favorite two songs are “Someone like you” by Adele and a korean song “Trouble Maker”.

  15. I listen to a vast array of genres but I mostly listen to hip-hop, reggae/dancehall, R&B, and alternative. Some heavy metal and oldies never get old. When I am jamming to my tunes, you will most likely hear Kendrick Lamar, Fabolous, Empire of the Sun, MGMT, Curren$y, Vybz Kartel, Bob Marley, and Two Door Cinema Club. There are a couple of songs that as soon as the beat drops my mood picks up and I start going crazy, but if I had to chose just two songs, it would have to be “Half Mast” by Empire of the Sun——> and “Dont Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar—–> without a doubt.

  16. My taste in music is extraordinarily broad. My parents raised me on a lot of classic rock, so much of my current taste in music stems from a basic rock genre, but there’s a whole spectrum of different stuff within that category – geek, prog, indie, classic, alternative, ska – and more, but you get the point. That said, I certainly don’t limit my taste in music to just rock. As a musician, I’m open to just about anything. My guilty pleasure in the music world is revolves mainly around showtunes..or disney music,

    You’re right, picking two songs from my immense collection of music is pretty tough. However, I’ve settled on two songs – I aimed to pick one song that’s a bit of an oldie and another that’s a bit more recent..although honestly I’m so bad at being up-to-date with modern music that if you asked me to name some songs that came out in 2012 I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have an answer for you.

    In an attempt to find an old song, I discovered that I couldn’t decide on anything, so I’m posting a fairly modern song instead. “The Cave” by Mumford & Sons has been stuck in my head on repeat for the past couple weeks, so I thought it deserved a shoutout. It can be found here:

    “Experimental Film” by They Might Be Giants is the first song that I ever (knowingly) heard by this band – completely by accident on a silly (but fairly amusing) website,, when I was 12 or 13, but they wound up becoming one of my favorite bands, so this is the song I have to thank for that. The song (and the very video that first exposed me to the song) can be found here:

  17. Oh here are some Indian songs that i also REALLY LIKE while there lots more form past to present and future…lolz ..

    Hawao ne ye kaha – (Movie_Aaap mujhe achche lagne lage)

    Surili Akhiyon Wale (Full Song) – (Movie_Veer)

    Meherbaniyan song – Veer

    Ek Ladki Ki Tumhe – Song – (Movie_Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai)

    Humko Humise Chura Lo – (Movie_Mohabbatein)

    Jaage Jaage – Song – (Movie_Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai)

    aanken khuli ho ya. . . .(Movie_Mohabbatein)

  18. The options are endless with the type of music I listen to. It mostly depends on my mood and if I have time to do so. My favorite genres of music are RnB, soca, reggae, pop, and rap. You could also catch me listening to jazz, chutney, mild rock like the American Rejects and etc. The songs that I mostly listen too are Love and war by Tamar Braxton and swimming pools by Kendrick Lamar.

  19. I must agree with you and most others who have commented. I am very open to various kinds of music and always love to find something new that I may enjoy. While I study or relax I absolutely love to listen to Solo Piano. I find it calms me and helps me to stay focused on what I am working on. This is one of my favorite Solo Piano Artists: — Philip Wesley
    Also along the same lines, I have been listening to a lot of music by “The Fray.” They also use alot of piano in their songs, in which I also find very soothing.

  20. Right now, I have a bunch of songs on my ipod on heavy rotation. None of the songs have any correlation; they’re all from different artists and the melodies are completely different. For right now, I’ll give you three of my choices. I’m listening to Read All About It Part 3 by Emeli Sande ( ), Adorn by Miguel ( ), and Schoolin’ Life by Beyonce ( ). I hope you all enjoy it!

  21. The two types of a music that I listen to is Hip Hop and House music. The reason why I like listening to hip hop is because I grew up listening to it, starting from Biggie Smalls , 2 Pac , 50 cent , Jay z , TI and Eminem. Though hip hop is not what is it used to be , I just follow the music that these legends produced and their future songs. One of my top favorite songs of Jay Z would be ” Dead Presidents” , from his first album. I listen to House music on the weekends when i go out clubbing , one of my favorite house songs is by Fedde le Grand – ” Put your hands up for Detroit”.

  22. When it comes to music I am pretty opened minded I like to hear talent as well as relatable lyrics. I dont really like the music nowadays because I feel its to vulgar and offensive. Im more into 90s “Chill music” because 90s was the best era by far but that is my opinion right?

    Ice Cube today was a good day

    A tribe called Quest Electric Relaxation

    jay z ft mya best of me

    112 ft biggie smalls

    Sting – kiss from a rose

    Sorry if I put to many songs, enjoy 🙂

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