OpenLab Assignment #1: Mathography

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This assignment is due Thursday, February 14th, at the start of class (2:30pm).  Late submissions will receive partial credit.

Assignment.  Choose ONE of the following two topics.  Write a comment in reply to this post (click “Leave a Reply” below), responding to the topic in 1-2 paragraphs.  Begin by telling us which topic you chose.   Be sure to include your name so I can give you credit.


  1. Was math ever your favorite subject? If so, when was it? What about math made it your favorite? If math has never been your favorite subject, what about it do you not like?
  2. Sometimes people can recognize a time when their opinion of math dramatically changed either for the better or the worse. If such a time happened for you, tell about it. If you did not experience such a thing, tell about your steady feelings about mathematics.

Extra Credit.  For extra credit, write a response to one of your classmates’ comments.  Do you feel the same?  Did you learn anything?  Do you have any advice?  Be kind.

Why are we doing this, anyway?  Having progressed this far in your school career, you are familiar with many of the tools for learning math:  studying, practicing by doing problems, asking questions when you need help, and so on.  I’d like to talk about two activities that may NOT seem related to learning math — but research shows that engaging in these activities can dramatically increase the amount that you learn, and change the way you learn it.  The first is writing – something not typically associated with mathematics.  When you express your ideas in words, it forces you to think them through very carefully, detail by detail.  A great way to check and see if you really understand something is to try to explain it to someone else, either out loud or in writing.  Example: if you know how to add fractions, try teaching it someone who doesn’t know how.  The second is called metacognition, or “thinking about thinking.”  This happens when you think about what was going on in your head while you were working on a problem or trying to learn a new idea.  What train of thought did you follow?  Where did you get stuck, and what did you do next?  What were you feeling at the time? and so on.  Combining writing and metacognition can be a tremendously powerful tool in identifying the ways we learn best and the ways we make mistakes, and learning to improve.  However, like any skill, it takes practice.  That’s why we’re getting started by writing a little about our past experiences with mathematics.

72 thoughts on “OpenLab Assignment #1: Mathography

  1. My name is sarina Roche. I am responding to the second topic. Math was never ever my strong subject. I have always had to work extra hard to finally understand many topics in math. Last semester I took 1275. My professor was absolutely phenomenal. She really loved teaching and she enjoyed watching students succeed. She changed my views on mathematics for the better. I felt as though I learned a large amount of information. She was always reassuring students that math wasn’t so bad and that we could get through it. It takes a great professor to help you learn and enjoy each and every class throughout any educational experience.

      • I have to say the math classes I did well in were with teachers that really put effort into teaching and actually showed that they cared. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” So I agree for every teacher that loves to teach there is a student who they are inspiring to learn even if they dislike the subject.

    • Sarina,
      Thanks for being our first-post-er, and welcome to the OpenLab! I’m glad to hear about your positive experience last semester. Not sure if you have to take more math after this course, but if so I’d strongly recommend asking that professor if she’s teaching the courses you need to take — if you’re lucky enough to find a teacher who inspires you, it’s worth your time to follow them!
      -Mr. Reitz

  2. Hi class! My name is Zinaida Ashurova, you can call me Zina 🙂

    Response to topic 1:
    I believe when you’re good at something you automatically become a big fan of it and if you’re not, you begin to hate it. That is how our human nature is. Personally I was never a big fan of school, I’d rather do everything else but study. Math is a subject that doesn’t necessary require a special talent, it needs a lot of repetitive practice. Its the amount of time you’ll need to put in it to become sufficient at it, and only then “it comes easy”. I can’t say I hate math, but I’m not a fan. In today’s life Math is necessary in almost everything, so we cant really choose. The requirement of taking math in college will only make our life easier. Remember, everyone can be skillful in maths but not everyone has the talent to want to do so.

    • I agree – many students have pre-conceived notions about math and are so intimidated by it that they are automatically reluctant to try and understand the material. I have found that small groups of friends studying together can often help in math classes, especially if you’re studying with someone you know well. For example, I help out many friends with understanding their homework and studying for tests, but the only reason they actually sit down and listen to my explanation is because they know me well enough that they let down the guard that they have up in class.

    • I like your attitude — I really do think anyone can learn math, even if it’s not something you love. But finding the self-discipline to put in the hours practicing (and to get help when its needed) can be quite a challenge, and gets in the way of a lot of people.

    • Hey Zinaida,

      I totally agree with you. The world revolves around math. Math is definitely something that need to be practiced often. It is very time consuming and it does become frustrating. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to become deeply fond of math; it’s just not for everyone. Me, personally, I don’t think I’ll want to take any math classes higher than this level.

  3. My name is Erica Press and I will be responding to the second question.

    In elementary school, I was very good at math (in fact, statewide testing showed that I was in the 98th percentile of math students of my age). Once I reached middle school, all school subjects became more difficult for me, especially math. I became a student that didn’t really care and didn’t take the time to learn things I didn’t understand. Once I began high school, I began attending a private school and I was no longer attending the public school system. Because of the change in curriculum, I was placed in an Algebra II class after the highest level of my mathematics education being a Pre-Algebra class. This resulted in my high school math classes being all over the place (in order, I took Algebra II, Geometry, Advanced Algebra – which is essentially what my school came up with when they were short on faculty and decided Algebra II would be taken by both 10th and 11th graders – and Statistics), but this helped me to get a more well-rounded math education in high school and I began to view math differently. This may have something to do with the act of “growing up,” but I no longer have a negative connotation about mathematics. I am now able to view math as something logical and fact-based, rather than something that I am intimidated by.

    • The curriculum changes in our public schools over the last decade or two have had some really negative repercussions on a lot of students, as you seem to know very well. It sounds like you were able to overcome these challenges, which is a great accomplishment. Keep up the good work!

    • I can agree with you in your first comment about not wanting to learn things we do not understand. That was exactly how I felt in High School. I am glad that you no longer have negative feelings about math. I hope that by the end of this class I will agree with you and not be intimidated by it anymore. Thanks for making me feel more comfortable! 🙂

    • I agree with you point of view with everything you try to accomplish you need to try you best and practice only makes perfect. Human beings learn by repetitive action once its repetitive its easy

    • I agree with your point of view with everything you try to accomplish you need to try you best and practice only makes perfect. Human beings learn by repetitive action once its repetitive its easy

    • Hello,

      I can definitely agree with your comment because I found the structure of math courses as I got older much more confusing and I became much more discouraged as the work became harder. I never really understood what was required of me to learn the complex concepts that were put in front of me.

  4. Hello my names Dania Elder

    Im responding to topic two. “Sometimes people can recognize a time when their opinion of math dramatically changed either for the better or the worse. If such a time happened for you, tell about it. If you did not experience such a thing, tell about your steady feelings about mathematics.”

    Math was previously my favorite subject and I actually was going to major in education to become a math teacher. I always found math consistent, for every problem there was an answer. I felt like no matter how long it took to complete a question there would always be a solution and a reason to why it worked.
    During my senior year of high school, I took calculus and that was the turning point for me. I no longer found math useful. It just didnt evolve with society now. With all the technology and equipment used now, It didnt fit in. Math became miserable and confusing, not something I needed to learn for everyday. In a life versus death situation, solving properties and functions would not be useful.

    • Wrestling with technology has been one of the great challenges in math education lately, I think — the tech can seem “so cool”, but sometimes it really detracts from learning the math itself. Figuring out “good ways” to use technology (that enhance rather than distracting) is a big topic in education these days, because many people have had experiences like yours. Too bad!

      • In a way I do agree with dania. Certain Maths should be specific to your major. It’s frustrating to never use the information taught to you later on in your job.

  5. Hello my name is Adriana Mandelburger and I am responding to topic #1:

    Since elementary school, I believe math has always been my favorite subject. I find that learning this subject comes naturally to me. I really hate writing essays and anything of that sort, and so that’s why I feel that math has got to be my favorite. I am not saying that I am the greatest when it comes to solving mathematical problems, but I do tend to try my hardest and put effort into my work.
    I had done a little bit of statistical work in high school as well as calculus. I must say though I am liking this course way better than calculus. However, my all time favorite is algebra. To me, it’s simple and I can definitely explain and help someone out with algebraic problems. I am actually glad that I do not have a hard time with this subject since it is a big requirement in my field of study which is hospitality management.

    • I can agree with Adrianna,
      You don’t have to be greatest in math just got to put an effort and practice into it, unlike writing essays. I’m in Hospitality Management field myself and this is the last math class that is required to take. Hopefully after we will do great in Statistics, we will enjoy putting our learned math skills to use in Managerial tasks in the future.

  6. My name is barbara George.
    Topic 1

    Maths has never been my favorite subject. I dont like all the formulas I have to remember and when to apply it, because I get them all mixed up. I always feel so lost when I am in a mathematics class. If I make one mistake with a number then the whole problem is already wrong. I still dont like maths.

    • I agree with you…one simple mistake leads to a trial of errors and its a course where perfection is kind of key simply because we dont get partial credit from all professors and multiple choice on a scantron doesnt give us partial credit as well. But like I posted in my comment with patience comes virtue and you made it to this course so I say “thug it out”.

    • Barbara,
      This is our 2nd Math class together, so I already know how you feel! I think you need to be more patient with Math. I know it may never be your favorite subject, but I’ve had the pleasure of working with you on so many Math assignments, and you’r very bright and catch on quickly! You’re absolutely right, one mistake can make everything go wrong. But, that one mistake can help you to understand and apply those formulas the right way. A mistake is always a learning experience. Just take your time when going through problems and you’ll be a-ok! 🙂

  7. My name is Ramsuresh. In reply to topic two: I’ve always found math extremely vital. As a boy, my father taught me that it had everything to do with the simplest of things, like getting the right change when he or my mother sent me to the corner shop, or bargaining a deal for something I wanted, such as marbles or picture cards from my friends; but having gotten lost somewhere with high school math, and never getting further that some of the less simpler concepts, math just spiraled down a narrow winding stairwell, and I just allowed it to lie there in hopeless despair. And, although I scraped by with high school math, my hope of following up with a college degree dried-up, because of what I imagined was my elusive math problem. But constantly thinking about the financial transactions that took place within big corporations, and the way math worked in financial markets, in budgets, the sciences, art, technology, and in every thing really. I realized, to move forward, I needed my degree, I had to climb that stairwell—start with basic algebra, correct where I went wrong and move to the next level—that worked out well for me, and I felt revived. Three different math courses behind me, I finally got to statistics, and it feels so good.

    • I agree as well going through high school level math was very interesting and not so much enaging. Math is needed for everything we do in our daily lives in every form of way in order to survive and handle responsibilities.

  8. My name is Edward Zheng and I’m writing a response to topic 1. Math was never my favorite subject, but it also wasn’t the subject that I hate. It isn’t my favorite because this subject has to many formulas and it requires a lot of time to practice it. I guess that is the main reason math was never my favorite subject.

  9. Good Evening,
    My name is Julieann McGonigle and I will be answering the second topic question. I would love to say that my opinion of math changed at some point for the better, but for some of us this just isn’t the case.
    It was in High School when math became very unclear to me. Even though I was somewhat at fault, I still cannot help feeling discouraged with math nowadays. In HS i was facing personal problems and wasn’t attending class regularly. Thankfully I was able to get myself together, pass my regents and graduate on time. I have taken one other math class since then, 1180 and passed with a decent grade. I hope to not let my past problems or fear, effect my future and presently positive outlook.

    • I hope you keep your positive outlook. I’m not really great at math but I find staying on top of a math problem and resolving confusing issues quickly, before it becomes a muddle, helpful.

  10. Hello to everyone 🙂
    My name is Fatima Elmachatt, and today I will be answering the topic Question number 1. Math never been a fun class for me, and i always had hat to get extra help from friends or professors. i always wanted to do better, but all my math grades were either a C or B-.
    My last math class that i took was math 1180 in kingsborough college, my professor was very helpful and encouraged us to ask questions. However, my grade was still not that great.
    I have good feeling about this class, i think will be learning things that i will need for my major or later in the future.

  11. Hello my name is Tanzima Mursalin. I am responding to the 2nd topic. For me my view towards math changed for the worse.
    As i grew up Math used to be my favorite and strongest subject through out high school. I would say math is what saved my SAT scores. But it all changed as i got to college. I dont know what it was about college math which made me start loosing interest in it. I guess i found my new passion in life which was art and architecture. I finished taking all my math requirement for my major in my first 2 semesters at City college. The last math class i took was pre calculus which was 3 years ago. Now that im on my Last Semester in college, about to graduate i find out one of my math credits hadn’t transfer so as a result im here taking Statistics. I took statistics in my last sem of high school as well and i remember liking it and so far i really like this class and hoping my feeling stay that way as the semester progresses.

    • Sorry to hear your math class didn’t transfer, I found out the same news when mine didn’t transfer. The problem is advisors do not help the students enough. College is a business, but they should become more professional. Also, calculus, algebra, and statistic based classes which are required for different majors. But they are hard to differentiate.

    • Hi Tanzima,
      I’m curious to see how math feels for you after not doing it for 3 years, and upon nearly completing your degree — no doubt you’ll be bringing a new perspective to it. I wonder if it will be even less relevant, or more interesting?

  12. Hello all…

    My response is to Topic 1. Math was never and I can only assume will never be my favorite subject as I had to deal with it throughout my whole school years. It was definitely fun in elementry because I found that it actually made sense to know the basic 1+1=2 etc etc. It became interesting in Junior High School and then boring in High School. Im not saying I didnt succeed in understanding it but it transversed into a level of difficulty once I reached College. Graduating with my BS in chemistry I had to see math in almost every aspect of its worst (in my opinion) From Calc 1, 2 and 3 to seeing it in Physics 1 and 2, to Physical Chemistry 1 and 2. Boy oh boy do I dread it but like I said it’s not anything no one cant get accomplished to learn but you will not see me registering for any math course unless it were necessary. My motto for all my math courses was ” With patience comes virtue”.

  13. Hi my name is Garfield Gray, Math was my favorite subject in junior high school because it was not that difficult ; i had a great teacher who taught me the basics and i was Aceing every test. I started off as a good math student then i later started to get better at english. The topics was not as complex as the topics we learned in High School and College.

  14. Hi, my name is Craig Shaw and I am responding to the first topic. Although we use math in pretty much everything in life, doing it in class wasn’t never my favorite subject to do. Sure math from elementary to middle school was alright but but I started doing trigonometry I really hated it because I never was able to fully grasp the concepts. Some of the problems were overly complicated and if you do one thing wrong, the whole problem gets thrown off. I suppose it never appealed to me because unlike other subjects like english, where there is more than one approach, math is more specific.

    • yup…..i can relate to some of those events/memories…
      especially the fact that there can only be one right answer…that has and always had been a great pain to deal with…because even with as much effort that is put into every situation.. focus, comprehension, and memory are needed for perseverance of the solution to a math problem even for complicated ones. And yes, English can be tricky since there can be many arguments for a certain aspects or topics as opposed to determining the wright and wrong answer for math where people may few patience for it.
      i’ll that as long you do not give up, and have a good intention then almost anything is possible. Math is simply a way to find a solution, not to be used in vain or cause grief (almost the same other subjects such as English which is one of many languages of communication and relates to comprehension and verbal use). That Math is not an obstacle, it is a tool for perseverance.

      • It makes a lot of sense that math needs perseverance. And that effort, focus, comprehension, and memory are needed for perseverance to find the solution to a math problem.

  15. Math has ALWAYS been my favorite subject, for as long as I can remember. Like someone said, when you’re good at something, you automatically become a fan. I agree with that 100%. I may not be the greastest mathematician, but I’ve always been good at it, and keep getting better! If I were to get anything lower than a 90 on a math test, my mother would say something along the lines of “but, you’re good at Math, you should be getting 100’s”.
    There was a point in high school where I actually started to dislike Math, but only a little! I think it had to do with the way my teacher taught. I do believe that a professor can make you love a class and it’s subject, or absolutely hate it. Like Mr. Reitz, for example, your energy makes me enjoy class! I loved Math 1180 with you and I’m looking forward to another great semester 🙂

  16. My name’s Laticia Bourne, my response is to topic #1.

    Math has ALWAYS been my favorite subject, for as long as I can remember. Like someone said, when you’re good at something, you automatically become a fan. I agree with that 100%. I may not be the greastest mathematician, but I’ve always been good at it, and keep getting better! If I were to get anything lower than a 90 on a math test, my mother would say something along the lines of “but, you’re good at Math, you should be getting 100′s”.
    There was a point in high school where I actually started to dislike Math, but only a little! I think it had to do with the way my teacher taught. I do believe that a professor can make you love a class and it’s subject, or absolutely hate it. Like Mr. Reitz, for example, your energy makes me enjoy class! I loved Math 1180 with you and I’m looking forward to another great semester

    • I agree with that statement if your good at something you automatically become a fan of it. A professor can change your entire opinion on a course if your teacher is boring you might think the class is boring. It all depends on the teacher and your self principles.

  17. Hi, am Anil and this is my first time in a math class since a long while ago. I am also responding to question 2. Math is an almost simple subject that I can perform on average, even though timing issues frustrates my thought process when taking exams. I have great difficulty trying to impress myself and my family that I am good in math, since some people who considers themselves to be of “genius-level-thinking” will condemn those who are not as capable as they are. Math has a strong influence in my life acting as a tool of guidance, since I use it for occasional preferences such as grocery shopping, or buying electronics, or art supplies, or food, and for the emphasis on architecture and structures. I can say that I try to be a perfectionist, but then I also spend time relaxing or doing other less stressful things (drawing, gaming, viewing cartoons). I do believe that Math is basically a necessity for survival. I would say that math was one of the most favorite homework assignments to do since it made a lot more sense than some of other subjects that I had to do during highschool.

    Math has indeed proved to have great benefits as to when I took the SAT for 3 times, it seems that the highest score on any of three had helped my admission into college. Also I have a basic knowledge of math from previous courses before taking statistics such as algebra, decimals, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, with basic slope formulas for graphs and chart calculations etc. One of the most interesting math subjects were that of calculus 1, Math A and B as well as economics (within government history class) which I took during highschool. I will always remember the time when in Math A, during Freshman year, that I participated in class and was almost always asked for the answers to exam questions even though with some effort in studying, it would help anyone pass with good marks. Economics was taught at a basic level and I had learned as much as I understood about stocks and taxes since there were group projects and in-depth assignments. For the future, I would hope math can help me to understand geometry/art, construction/engineering as well as business so that I may prosper even further into the later years which are soon to arrive.

  18. Hi, my name is Valerie Cabezas and I am responding to the second topic
    As long as I can remember I have always disliked math. It became increasingly more frustrating in highschool. It seemed that no matter how much I applied myself it was never quite enough to get the grades I was striving for. This is my second year of college after being out of school for a little over ten years. Last semester I took 1275 with a great professor. She had a laid back demeanor and was completely approachable which I think makes a difference. I felt that during her class that she really took the time to explain the material thoroughly, always adding side notes with helpful tips. She tried to break down the material as much as possible which I found very helpful. I did very well in the class and for the first time ever, felt confident in a math class.
    I have to agree with Sarina, where I think that a good professor or class setting can make a difference in the overall experience!

    • Yes, i believe with you Valerie and Sarina! Good professors who put their time and effort and gives every student their attention really makes a great difference.

    • Teachers play a huge role in our development as students we cant learn with teachers who arent helpful or do not speak a lot of english if that is our primary language. As students we need a positive environment where our teachers support us and give us the help we need. Basically, I agree with your statement that it is easier to learn in a good setting or/and with a good teacher

  19. Hi my name is brianna, and I am responding to the first question. Growing up math was never my favorite subject. It is sad to say but I struggled in almost every math class that I have taken, barely passing along the way. Everything after the simple addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication is like a foreign language to me. I dislike math because of the numerous amount of formulas needed to be memorized. I have grown to realize that every teacher has their own teaching method. I would adapt to one way of learning, and then the next teacher would teach the same topic totally different which frustrated me. One thing all the teachers had in common was that they all told me the same thing, “Math will always be apart of my life no matter what my future beholds.” Looking at the equations I thought to myself when on earth am I ever going to use this again. I look at it like this not every subject can be my best, and math is one subject that does not excite me.

    • The fact is, a great deal of what you learn in math classes you will never have to use again (key word “have to”!). The good news is you can live a productive life without knowing the quadratic formula, and without knowing the difference between mean and median, and most jobs will not require this knowledge. Sweet! On the other hand, just like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, the things that you DO learn (and learn well enough to make them seem natural) will end up being useful more than you might think, and will often show you news ways of looking at the world. As you work your way through this course, keep your eyes peeled for ways the material might connect to the rest of your life — you might not find them, but you might just get lucky…

  20. Hello Class, my name is Glen and I am responding to the First topic. Math was never my favorite subject in school. Even though I use math everyday especially when it comes to counting money, checking the time, and cooking, I’ve always hated it in school. Math was my favorite subject had to be when I was in kindergarten. It was my favorite subject in kindergarten because they thought me easy math, how to count from 1-10, how to read a clock, and how to count money.

    However, I never liked math when I came to college. In my major, I am forced to take take. I was forced to take Math 1180 and something close to math, Economics 1101. The professors I had to for those classes where very hard, and forced me to go to tutoring in order to pass those classes. I haven’t taken a math class in a year, so I’m a bit rusty on the subject. I hope Statistics isn’t as challenging as my previous math experiences.


  21. Hey my name is Vanessa. I am responding to topic number 2
    If math has never been your favorite subject, what about it do you not like?
    Since JHS I can remember I always struggled in Math from age 11 until 17 I was suggested tutoring and was even forced to go to tutoring because it was the only way I would pass the class. I hate math with a passion unless it is just the basics like addition and subtraction. Adding letters X or N just confuses me. I have to say though my professor that I had last semester made me understand the entire semester for the first time ever. I still struggled a bit but this professor for some reason made it so much easier for me. I also believe doing the homework improved my math skills my professor made us put the homework on the board and it was 20% on our grades so I knew it was an easy 20% and I knew I would not do as well on the test so I forced myself to do the HW and the practice helped me a lot.

  22. Hi, my name is Roza. I always loved math and I understand it easily. It is true that professor has a big influence the way students feel about math. However, my case is different. My parents were really good at math and my mom was a math teacher in high school. Therefore, no matter who was my professor I grew up loving math . I enjoy when I solve the problems and I get the right answer. However, I hate word problems. It doesn’t mean I can’t solve it but it is very boring to me.

  23. Hi, my name is Jacky and the topic I chose is the first topic. Math is not my favorite subject but I do not hate it either. I do not hate it or like it because I find it neutral to know how to use numbers. I find that math is easy to learn if you are able figure out the problems with your own hands. After finding the solution to the problems, the rest of the problems become easy and clear to do. I never really had much trouble learning math since I was a kid, and felt that it was easy to understand.

  24. Topic # 2 :
    Hello, My name is Mary Fung. Math is a brain teaser for me but being able to acknowledge it can help in future references and daily needs. When we’re younger, we start off as easy as 1, 2, 3’s and now that we’re older it level’s up to Calculus and Statistics. Math was never a problem for me until high school. During my second year in high school i was taking Geometry. My first test was great because it was just the basics but as days move on, i saw my test grades getting lower and lower. Geometry was just too frustrating since it requires a lot of patience and understanding. There was days i try to avoid math class which made things worse because i miss that day’s material needed for the upcoming tests. Math was never desirable but mandatory. I had hopes to be in accounting but it didn’t work out for me. As a result i switch to marketing while i’m still in the business field and won’t have to deal with math. For now, practice makes perfect.

  25. Hello all. Math has never EVER been my subject of interest. I don’t know what it is but my brain does not absorb formulas, specially in statistics. I am sad to say I took MAT 1272 last semester and failed it. The professor I had was really good. I was the one not putting effort into it. I have this negative concept towards math that I hope to change this semester. One advice I can give you all is to always stay on top of everything we learn in class. Try not to miss class because one lesson you miss can definitely screw you over. I remember missing two classes and it was really tough for me to catch up. One lesson leads to another; one formula leads to another.

  26. Good afternoon class my name is Mohammed Ahmed and I’ll be answering topic # 1.

    Personally math was never my favorite subject throughout my school years. I don’t hate the subject it’s just I personally like memorization rather than then analyzing problems. Math is the only subject that I ever struggled with, every math course I took I had to put extra effort in to get the problems done. The math classes I actually did well in were because of the teacher. When the teacher takes their time and breaks down problems, it really eases the pain process of breaking down problems.

  27. Hello everyone!!! My name is America Hernandez and yes my name is really America lol. There was a period in my life where my opinion of math was drastically changed in a positive light. I like many of my peers have struggled throughout the years with this subject. I always use to dread taking math courses and throughout high school and some of college I barely passed. This all changed in 2010 when i took math with an amazing professor in Laguardia C.C. . This professor took the time to thoroughly explain the subject matter to all of his students, he was very caring about our success in his class, and he took the time to go over the material outside of class whenever we needed his assistance. I ended up getting an A- in his class and i believe it was because this professor was so caring, he took the time to help us understand the material and he never gave up until we got it.

  28. Growing up I was never really a fan of math and didn’t see much of its purpose until I hit my college years. I soon realized that mathematics consists of everything around us and is applied to basically everything from architecture, sports, transportation and everyday money transactions. My opinion of math dramatically changed for the better because I feel that mathematics is part of the basic foundations of the universe concerning time and space in how it affects all of us on a daily basis. I think that math is very useful and glad to have realized that it’s the only thing through history as far as the principles that haven’t changed but have been updated to apply to the current world.

  29. Hello,

    My name is Mohit. I am responding to the First Topic.
    Yes, there was a time when Math was my favorite subject. It was a long time ago when I was in Elementary School and simple equations and arithmetic were straight forward and easy to comprehend. One of the things which made Math my favorite subject was the fact that unlike other subjects at the time, math didn’t require too much reading and was fairly quick to comprehend the question and calculate the answer. However over the years, as the mathematical concepts became more theoretical in nature (Proofs) i became more and more discouraged and eventually chose a major (Legal Studies) where math was rarely if ever used.disabledupes{4afd77028844c5808daec48db723d0f6}disabledupes

  30. Hello, everyone! I’m Elizabeth and I decided to respond to the first question.

    Growing up, I was always interested in all of the subjects that I studied except for History. Math wasn’t my favorite subject, but it wasn’t my most-hated subject either. I enjoyed math because it was like solving a mystery–which I love. I took a particular interest in reading problems and cracking the codes after putting all of my clues together (well, at least that’s how I view it). The thing about math that prevents it from being my favorite is the accuracy problem. It annoys me to think that you spend your time working on a problem and once you finally arrive at the end of the problem, you might or might not get the right answer. If your answer happens to be even the slightest bit off, you have to start right back at square one!

  31. Hey everyone,
    My name is Candice and I am responding to Topic #1
    Ever since I was in elementary school, math has always been my favorite subject. Because it was so easy for me to understand and memorize how to do certain problems, I just automatically fell in love with the subject. I can say that in middle school and high school, I did terrible in math because of my own laziness and un enthusiasm to learn. I was the type of student that didn’t have to study for a test but would excel and dominate when it came to exam time. It took me a couple of years to realize it but it finally hit me that if I want to excel in school, I have to study. So know that Im in college, I take school more seriously, I study more often, and I’m back to dominating math once again.

  32. Hi my name Kaycee and I am responding to the 2nd question!
    My opinion on MATH have not dramatically change as yet but my love for it has decrease a little after taking this Statistic class. I never knew maths would be this confusing at this level; for instance, i love working with numbers but when it’s in word form i get confused and uninterested for some reason Word problems are my weakest in Math.

  33. Hi my name is Vanessa and am resonding to question 1. Math use to be my favorite subject when I was in high school. However when I started college the love was no more. I use to love working algebras now all the proababilities just have me confuse.

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