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Infinity has to be the trickiest anomaly that we have. Infinity is supposed to encompass all things (like when we are doing limits in class) but then we don’t know what it is. We don’t know if infinity has a … Continue reading

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Infinity- Patrick Chen


Up up and away!

Infinite may be described several different ways, depending on the perspective of the person. Infinite to me is, something that has no boundaries. There is no conclusive evidence where the beginning or ending is. There is just no limit, no beginning nor end in infinite.

When I was younger, I had no clue what infinite meant. I always thought it was a number, just unmentionable. The first time I remember hearing the word infinite was when children argued about who had more. “Well I have infinite times 2.” “So I have infinite times 3 + 5”. I always thought Infinite was a number, however as time went on I realized infinite is not a number. Infinite is endless.

The picture I took was of the sky. I am not saying the sky is infinite but rather the altitude. There is no limit in how high you can go. Chances are you will die if you reach a certain altitude in space but the height of space is limitless.

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What is Infinity ‚ąě ? | Gurpreet Singh

Everyone is familiar with the infinity symbol, the one that looks like the number eight tipped over on its side. The sequence of natural numbers, 1, 2, 3, …, and the points on a number line is said to be infinite. So infinity is something that never ends. Another example can be seen in the picture of a clock which represents that time never ends. Do we know if time is infinite? I mean it’s been their for as long as¬†I’ve¬†been alive and before my parents were and before their parents were born and so on. Einstein once said that the only two things in the universe that are infinite are time and space. The space is infinite because its endless. It keeps on going and going on forever.

Another example of infinity can be seen in the religion “Hindu.” It is a belief in Hinduism that once people are dead, they reincarnate depending on their karma. It’s called a cycle of life.

Time is Infinite

This is a photo of my clock and it represents that time repeats itself and its endless.



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Infinity – Karen Li

So what exactly is infinity? Infinity is something that never ends, something that lasts forever. This answer might not be very original, but infinity has a vague explanation. We will all find our own ways to describe it.

I am a hopeless romantic. In my mind, infinity can be described by true love. I have spent six and a half years with my perfect half. Though six years is not a very long time, it is a big part of my life; almost a third of my life. I do believe that it will continue for the rest of my life. The heart may stop beating, but love will always continue. It is infinitely long.


My picture depicts time. What better way to show time than with a clock? Civilization dates back to maybe 3,000 B.C., and mankind may even have been on this Earth for over a million years. No matter how far the records go back, we are the current witnesses of a new time period: the 21st Century. Time will continue even after we pass away. The next generation will continue to witness the beginning of the next century and so on.




Life itself is a blessing, but it is also lasts forever. It is not called the life cycle for nothing. Whether it is how we survive in an ecosystem, or just the birth of another baby, it is how life continues. This is a picture of my baby cousins. She might be a baby now, but when she grows up, she will have kids too. Then her kids will have kids, and the cycle continues–Infinity.


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“Time is Infinite” Charles Potter

Time is Infinite

“Time is Infinite”

Last Thursday I was having a conversation with a good longtime friend Sas and I initiated the conversation of infinity by telling him I have an assignment for my Calc II class explaining what infinity means to us and everyday life. The conversation went like this;

Potter: When you hear the word infinity what comes to mind?
Sas: What?! To infinity and beyond, Buzz light year yo, that’s the first thing I think of…
Potter: Somebody already did that..
Sas: Damn, that’s all I could think of man, what you came up with so far?
Potter: I had the idea with the mirror in the mirror to create that illusion of infinity but I took too long to put it up and someone beat me to it.
Sas: What about the sky?
Potter: Already been done, couple of times…
Sas: What about sperm yo… Ha Ha Ha!!! That’s infinite Ha Ha!!
Potter: Ayo… You crazy man… This a math class not biology or chemistry… I’m trying to pass not fail!!
Sas: Word you get expelled with the quickness…
Potter: I was thinking of the beach, the water goes from shore to shore infinitely.
Sas: I got pictures from my trip to Mexico, couple of them are of beach..
Potter: I gotta take the pictures myself
Sas: How the professor gone know you didn’t take them yourself…
Potter: Word, that’s plan B
Sas: What about the toilet/ sink, water goes down the drain…
Potter: Yeah water goes down the drain and get re-used
Sas: There u go…
Potter: l’ll take a picture of the sink at work.

For the most part that’s how the conversation went, (a PG-13 version of it). But upon further research I realized that the sink idea was not a good example of infinity. While I was at work looking at the clock waiting for work to finish it finally came to me…
“Time is infinite”
This picture of my wrist watch symbolizes infinity. Time waits for no one. Time is money. These are popular phrases revolving around time.

Two movies that remind me of infinity are “Inception” and “Limitless”. Inception is about how the main character gets into your subconcious¬† and creates your dreams to alter your decisions in reality. The concept of infinity comes into play with the idea that you can create dreams within a dream within a dream and that this can probably continue to an infinite amount of times.

The next movie “Limitless” is how and average guy who takes a pill is able to unlock what seems to be an infinite potential of what his brain can learn and apply.

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I tried embedding both videos but not sure why the url isn’t showing up/ displaying the video clips.


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Infinity, Jishan Biswas

Infinity is an indefinitely great number or amount. The concept of infinity is an important part of ¬†mathematics. Infinity is something which never ends.¬†specifically, infinity is a number which never ends and which doesn’t have any limit. i got the idea of infinity first when i was seven or eight years from my uncle. we went to the beach and i was wondering where is the end of the ocean? then, my uncle explained me that there is no ending point for the ocean as we can’t see the other bank of the ocean. the volume of the water of the ocean doesn’t have any limit. i got the formal idea of infinity in my high school. we were ¬†taught about infinity in the context of numerical concepts. the symbol of infinity is¬†\infty.

I uploaded a picture of the divider of a parking lot. in the picture, we can’t see the end or the bottom point of the divider. this means that, we don’t know the limit of that thing.

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Infinity by Mirza Bhuiyan


Infinity refers to something has no limit. First time I heard about infinite in my calculus one and that time I couldn’t accept the¬†existence¬†of infinity. ¬†As far as I knew before infinity doesn’t exist. For example, if there is infinity amount of numbers you can always add 1 to it right? So it’s infinity+1, if infinity did exist how can you add 1 to it? Another way to understand it is, if i want a glass of water and there is a line of infinity number of people in front of me will I ever get the glass of water? No. The same thing with a mathematics graph, if there is infinity before a¬†parabola¬†or a number, that number will never happen cus there’s infinity before.¬†Infinity¬†is just another way of saying nothing. Now I learned that infinity is something that not¬†measurable, has no boundaries and has no¬†ending. It is impossible for anything to have infinite mass or infinite energy.¬†Concepts of infinite things such as an infinite¬†‚Äėplane wave‚Äô¬†exist, but there are no experimental means to generate them. I took this picture from my laptop wallpaper and I found that as a good example of infinity. Infinity can be use in many section of¬†mathematics such as in¬†physics¬†it has widely used for many approximation.


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The Infinity Complex

Your first thought is, “what does this photo have to do with infinity?”¬†But take a look at the seemingly infinite skyline. “But the picture is tainted with the buildings and makes it unfit to define infinity?” It defines infinity even more for that reason.

The concept of infinity can be a difficult yet simple thing to grasp. Its full of quirks, defies logic and wracks peoples brains. It isn’t something that can simply be defined. With it, several exceptions have to be made and it requires serious thought. What infinity is, is the representation of a sequence that goes on forever, and never stops at a finite number. Having a number system, it is its representation, past a google (1 followed by 100 zeroes) and even beyond googleplex (1 followed by a google of zeroes.)

Usually, an intricate conversation involving infinity could go on forever (see what I did there?) There are a few topics that come up with my nerdy friends however. One of these ideas include infinity/infinity. Is that simply one? Are they going to infinity at the same rate? Are there rates of infinity? All these questions are raised by that one little thought. It is seemingly impossible to determine, which is what makes the idea of infinity so complex.

Other ideas that rise is a number that is divided by infinity, really zero? The number gets infinitely small as the numbers get bigger but should that be considered? There always seems to be two different standpoints too. One is a theory on completion, such as if an object is 99.9999….% complete, the difference is so¬†minuscule,¬†(like losing a single cell in your body) that it can be utterly neglected. The other is that it is never truly zero no matter how many times you justify it. Regardless, it can be seen that infinity is more of a conceptual idea along the lines of philosophy rather than something that can be truly described.

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Infinity–Fengming Tan


           What is infinity? Infinity is a number which is endless or uncountable. You cannot write, say and measure it. It keep growing and growing. This number can be very big or very small. The points between [0, 1] can be infinity, for an example, 0.000011232… A rational number, an irrational number or a real number also can be infinity. If you want me to use something that relates to infinity, I will use the sky and the sea. The sky and the sea are very large. I cannot measure them. I don’t know where the ends are.

          The first time I heard about infinity when I was very young. I think I was in third grade.  I learned more about infinity in my pre-calculus class.  Professor Shermack introduced to me. He taught me infinity is a very big number. You don’t know how many unit it is. When I did the limit problems, I might need to deal with infinity. At the very beginning, I couldn’t handle the infinity. After I understood the ideas, I knew how to do the problems, for an example; 1/infinity is equal to 0.

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Jesus Herrera understanding of “Infinity”

In Elementary School, We need to learn how to count. At first I only knew how to count to 100. I thought the highest number is 100 because my older sibling used money to help me understand even better. It teams of money, 100 dollars is the highest in our paper money goes. Then one day I had to take a test in school. I had to add a few numbers together. How most people learn how to add several numbers, by putting the numbers that need to be add together on top of each other and adding the one’s and ten’s. But I was getting numbers higher the 100, I failed the test because I didn’t write in the answers but show my work on the paper that wasn’t going to be graded. The teacher at this time pulled me over and ask why I never put in the answer. I told her I can’t count higher than 100. She show me how to count pass a 100. Then I learn that there’s even more numbers. This is the point where I learn there are higher numbers then 100. Then my question to her was. What the highest number. Then the idea of infinitely came into my mind.

This image always got me thinking and asking question when I saw something like this at the hall of sciences when I was a boy. A mirror just reflects the image in front of it back but the mirror also reversed the image. What if you place two mirrors in front of each other, so they reflect each other now? How many times would it reflect each other? Well there’s no true answer. It would reflect the image infinity times.  The idea of infinity is a number that can’t be written out or it’s too big of a number. To my understanding  infinity  tends to be a numerically number  larger than any finite number.

how many times does the mirriro reflects each other.

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