Jesus Herrera understanding of “Infinity”

In Elementary School, We need to learn how to count. At first I only knew how to count to 100. I thought the highest number is 100 because my older sibling used money to help me understand even better. It teams of money, 100 dollars is the highest in our paper money goes. Then one day I had to take a test in school. I had to add a few numbers together. How most people learn how to add several numbers, by putting the numbers that need to be add together on top of each other and adding the one’s and ten’s. But I was getting numbers higher the 100, I failed the test because I didn’t write in the answers but show my work on the paper that wasn’t going to be graded. The teacher at this time pulled me over and ask why I never put in the answer. I told her I can’t count higher than 100. She show me how to count pass a 100. Then I learn that there’s even more numbers. This is the point where I learn there are higher numbers then 100. Then my question to her was. What the highest number. Then the idea of infinitely came into my mind.

This image always got me thinking and asking question when I saw something like this at the hall of sciences when I was a boy. A mirror just reflects the image in front of it back but the mirror also reversed the image. What if you place two mirrors in front of each other, so they reflect each other now? How many times would it reflect each other? Well there’s no true answer. It would reflect the image infinity times.  The idea of infinity is a number that can’t be written out or it’s too big of a number. To my understanding  infinity  tends to be a numerically number  larger than any finite number.

how many times does the mirriro reflects each other.

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  1. Joshua Ruiz says:

    I love the idea of two mirrors together representing infinity. Although I have absolutely no idea how you managed to get the picture. I like how you thought that 100 was the end of numbers. That seems like something I would have believed too haha. But overall I think you grasped the idea well, and an excellent visual factor.

  2. Your idea of the mirrors reminds me of “Groundhog Day”, over and over again,it just-won’t stop. Let me out!

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