What is an infinity? Infinity is something that doesn’t have any limit. Infinity isn’t a real number in mathematics. It doesn’t have any end it goes on and on. It doesn’t matter if its on positive nor negative. I don’t know exactly when I came to know the definition of infinity.  However, when I go to the beach and see the waves of the ocean, I wonder that from where the waves start and where it ends. I realize that it is boundless, and it never ends. After taking calculus, I learned that the proper term to use for the boundless waves is infinity. Actually i was introduced to infinity by myself i guess because when i was child( around 5 years) i use to look at the sky i used to think that it has an ending somewhere. As I have grown up i got to know that it doesn’t have any ending. it made me more curious about the sky. why it doesn’t have any ending? it should.

I think it’s an important idea for my religion. Since I’m hindu i believe in reincarnation which goes on and on. people die and born again as something depends on their karma.

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  1. when he said that waves of the ocean never end. i am not agree with him. we know when the waves end when we stand end or beginning of the beach. but i agree when he said he dont know where its start from. last time i went to beach is in last summer. i tried to find where the waves start from but i could not. so,at the final i can say that,we can find where the waves end but its really hard to see where the waves start from.

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