Infinity – Karen Li

So what exactly is infinity? Infinity is something that never ends, something that lasts forever. This answer might not be very original, but infinity has a vague explanation. We will all find our own ways to describe it.

I am a hopeless romantic. In my mind, infinity can be described by true love. I have spent six and a half years with my perfect half. Though six years is not a very long time, it is a big part of my life; almost a third of my life. I do believe that it will continue for the rest of my life. The heart may stop beating, but love will always continue. It is infinitely long.


My picture depicts time. What better way to show time than with a clock? Civilization dates back to maybe 3,000 B.C., and mankind may even have been on this Earth for over a million years. No matter how far the records go back, we are the current witnesses of a new time period: the 21st Century. Time will continue even after we pass away. The next generation will continue to witness the beginning of the next century and so on.




Life itself is a blessing, but it is also lasts forever. It is not called the life cycle for nothing. Whether it is how we survive in an ecosystem, or just the birth of another baby, it is how life continues. This is a picture of my baby cousins. She might be a baby now, but when she grows up, she will have kids too. Then her kids will have kids, and the cycle continues–Infinity.


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