Theo Zeng: Infinity in our universe



What is infinity? To me infinity is an idea of something that has no end. In mathematics we know that infinity is just some big endless number, but what do we think of infinity in reality? Well to me I just have to look to the sky, our universe, and I can firmly believe that it is boundless. I believe it was when I first started learning to count and doing algebra was when I discover about the term “infinity”. I usually just think it is some huge number that stops somewhere, but as I grew up more and become aware of what it is, I finally took up the idea that infinity is just something that has no limit. It is endless.


The picture I posted was taken by me on a beautiful clear sky. The sky is just basically the space vacuum of the universe, and when we think of the universe it has lots of stars and systems and galaxies that we just assume is infinite. At least to me that is what I think of the universe.

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  1. koshygkoshy says:

    you know what they say, “THE SKY IS THE LIMIT”.=)

    • koshygkoshy says:

      I can also add, because we know less about what is in space and what really are galaxies, shows just how much there is know about sky and most importantly outer space. Thinking about the fact that we know practically nothing about space and if there are any species other than us other than what they show us in movies makes us all more ignorant and close minded. Anyways good post.

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