“To Infinity & Beyond”

To Infinity & Beyond

Recently I was watching the movie “Toy Story” with my nephew.  His favorite part of the movie is when Buzz Lightyear says “To Infinity & Beyond” then jumps and takes flight.  This infamous quote from the movie got me thinking: What does it mean to go “to infinity and beyond”? Does it mean to go farther than what you dreamed possible? Does it mean to break the limits of our own imagination? It was hard for me to grasp the concept of going beyond infinity, because there is no such thing as beyond infinity in math.

To try and grasp this idea, I thought of trying to find an example of infinity in our own daily life.  That’s when it occurred to me, when you have two mirrors facing each other and you stand in between them, it almost looks like you are stuck in an infinity of sorts.  This is how a lot of modern day magic tricks are done today, using mirrors to make it look as if something has “disappeared”.

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