Infinity Igor M.

What is infinity? Most of people on this planet at least once in their lives bumped into the idea of infinity. Even though many¬†mathematicians and physicists¬†use infinity as the factor which helps them in identifying the problem, no one has ever proven, and i believe will never prove the¬†existence¬†of infinity. In other words infinity can be called endlessness. Provided that, I believe that the only reason ¬†we, the people, came up with conclusion that infinity exists is with the help of method of elimination and adequate philosophical reasoning. If I was given the task to identify whether infinity exists or not I would start asking question like: If I add, multiply or raise to a positive power positive¬†integers, will the sequence converge or diverge. For example we¬†consider¬†limit as n goes to infinity of n +1 ¬†( As of now we believe that this kind of sequence would diverge because we CANNOT figure out whether this ¬†sequence will ever come to the final result or continue forever. Even though many people would argue and try to come up with a final conclusion that infinity exists, I believe being¬†skeptic in this kind of situation is the root of being pulled closer to the truth.) Couple of ¬†Russian scientists like Anatoli Akimov and G.I. Shipov in 1960’s studied The Theory of Physical Vacuum, and their research started to prove that we live in ¬†a state of matter which originated from sub states which right away in my opinion narrows down the definition of infinity in our current dimension. Basically they explained that there are seven ¬†states of reality which are interdependent and have an order (1. Solid Matter)(2. Liquid Matter) (3. Gas) (4. Plasma or Elementary particles) (5. Vacuum) the next two states rely on subjective physics. Nevertheless experiments with torsion fields started to give a solid proof of¬†existence¬†of the next two sub states which are (6. Primary Vacuum which is the source of torsion fields) and (7. Absolute Nothingness which is the creator of everything). These seven states of reality provide me with confident but still skeptic ability ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†to reason that if something is dependent on something it must have a beginning and the end. The photo which I attached to my project includes¬†two mirrors that continuously reflect the light creating an illusion of long corridor which gets thinner and darker but doesn’t particularly show us the end. This example gives¬†us the opportunity to glimpse at something that becomes smaller as it becomes endlessly further and further away. But the question is does it actually get ENDLESSLY further away or it will eventually bump into the END.

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  1. Dear Professor, what happened to the link for webWork. I tried going directly to, but it won’t accept my password.

  2. Hi Igor M.
    Your picture for infinity is the best so far. It’s really creative of you to think something like that. Great job.

  3. shamonie22 says:

    I love your photo for the idea of infinity. It’s very creative.

  4. Kedeshia Symister says:

    Very good explanantion !

  5. igorekk132 says:

    Thanks a lot guys, glad you liked it))))

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