Treasure Hunt Lyndhurst NJ

I was visiting my mother during the vacation. This is a nice place to come home to. Very quite and peaceful. My parents are the only minorities on the block. Everyone on the block are still friendly. The NJ Transit stop is three blocks away. What I love most is that it’s very easy to sleep.

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Treasure Hunt

I didn’t specifically choose one neighborhood but i chose several, mainly astoria and flushing in queens. The things found are more random then a certain theme but i like the pictures i took so i’m going to use these photos i took.

3 circles – the tail lights on each side


Repeating pattern – the tile awning

parallel + perpendicular lines

numbers – phone number

Parabola – arm rests

This is a picture i’ve take a couple years ago back in Hong Kong. I like it for its nice scenery.

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Treasure Hunt, Richmond Hill, Queens. By: Jesse Mohammed

My neighborhood is located in Richmond Hill, Queens. It is a big community that consists of mostly West Indian (Caribbean) people and everyone in the neighborhood seems to know eachother. It has various kinds of places to go to from restuarants to shopping. One thing I like about the neighborhood is that all the stores are walking distance from the houses but what I don’t like about the neighborhood is that whenever someone cooks you can always smell it blocks away. When visiting this area two things a visitor should know is that you would probably meet somone you’re related too because everyone here knows people somehow and if you need a taxi, it’s not that hard to find one.

Picture #1, the three circles, represent a traffic light.







Picture #1, the three circles, represent a traffic light.






Picture #2, an interesting repeating pattern, bricks of a sidewalk. This is
interesting because they consists of different shapes and sizes but repeats
itself after a while which makes it look like a mosaic.
Picture #3, parallel lines, is a gate in my street with vertical parallel and perpendicular lines
Picture #4, numbers, is numbers on a bus in my neighborhood
Picture #5, the M for McDonalds has two parabolas
Picture #6, I found this at work, a cucumber carved out as a..lizard or something like that but it looks cool
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Treasure Hunt: Williamsburg,Brooklyn-By:Talia Ordonez

I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but in the best part, the north side. I love my neighborhood because everyone here is so artistic and fun. Here is a great place to come and hangout  and go to the local bars on North 6 St or even see and underground band play at the Public Assembly Theater down the block. There is so much to do here like play bowling at Brooklyn Bowl or even enjoy a nice Thai cuisine at SEA. Here is just where the young generation can have fun plus the train is only three blocks away!

 Bedford Ave Train Station Entrance

Here you can see that there are more then three circles, but  you find them on the wheels of the bikes and in the L train logo.

Here there are parallel and perpendicular lines on the windows and doors.

Here is a great picture of a parabola on the Williamsburg Bridge!

Here the number 229 represents the number of the building on Bedford Ave.

This my building and what I love about this picture is the pattern of the windows and the balcony together. They both go down vertically and it makes the building look very different from the other.

This is a picture from the East River Park looking out to the beautiful NYC skyline. This is one of my favorite spots to hangout.

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Treasure Hunt Burke Ave / GunHill Section of The Bronx By Justin Marquez

My neighborhood may not be the safest place but i still call it home. Many come to my area by accident  or to transfer to the 2 and 5 train never staying more then an hour . The area is made up of multiple projects buildings and long quiet blocks. These empty abandon areas helping me to find inspiration for my music . My neighborhood may not fit you but i was raised here and this is all i know .

There is also a link down below to my music page feel free to listen and tell me what you think

the three lights of the train signal

the pattern of the brick as well as the pattern of the windows

the bars that are surrounding the train station are both parallel and perpendicular


the number one on a post who or what does it stand for copy the link at the top and find out >:D


the u in burke ave is a parabola

the view from my rooms balcony . a lot has happen on my block but im here to stay

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“Treasure Hunt” Flatbush, Brooklyn (Tatiana King)

I live in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I absolutley love my neighboorhood. what i like most about Flatbush is the diversity of different cultures and ethnicities. Majority of the population is from the carribeean and west indies which i love. what i dislike most is the high crime level which is actually getting better. two things a visitor should know when coming to my neighborhood is it is very noisy muffled with alot of music and there are alot of Korean stores on almost every other block. the closest trains are the 2,5 and Q.

Traffic Light This is Picture #1. This traffic light are three circles. Each light has a differnt meaning to the direct traffic accordingly.

Interesting Repeating Pattern This is picture #2. this picture represents a interesting pattern. i think that this pattern is interesting because it similar to train vents but circular. also when walking my pen fell into one of the holes!

Paralel & Perpendicular Lines This is Picture #3. This is a subway railing.  the two long rails are parallel and the shorter rails are perpendicular.

Picture of Numbers This is a bus that is in my neighborhood. its run all the way to Canarsie the other side of Brooklyn.


Parabola Thus is picture #5. this represents a downward parabola. A parabola is symmetrical open plane curve. This is a railing bar. im actually not sure what the railing is used for.

Something I Like This is Picture #6 I like this picture becasue its just interesting. it looks like a bunch of collapsing blocks. in addition to it being the color red which is one of my favorite colors.

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Treasure Hunt, Lower East Side/Chinatown (Ariel Yip)

My neighborhood happens to borderline two neighborhoods, so it happens to be very diverse where I live. What I like about my neighborhood is that, since it is diverse there is many types of different food very close towards my place. Everything is convenient and within walking distance. The only thing I do not like is that since in between two neighborhoods, they often do not get along which causes many unnecessary gun fire.

Things a visitor needs to know:

1. Do not stop walking to sight see, the sidewalks are crowded and small and will cause unnecessary bickering and drama.

2. Bring money with you, because there is alot of cute knick knacks that are sold around the gift shops.

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Treasure Hunt (Cypress Hills)

So I know the assignment was to do your own neighborhood but I LIVE IN THE HOOD… I live in South Jamaica Qns (Same neighborhood as 50 Cent and Nicki Minaj) and I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable taking pictures around my hood. So I went to my Old neighborhood Cypress Hills Brooklyn. I lived there for about 5 years and I love that Neighborhood. I visit it from time to time and I feel like back at home. Cypress Hills Bk, is mostly a hispanic community. Mainly Dominican and Puerto Ricans. Its also a few blocks away from Queens. Its fun walking around with your friends and saying “Your now In Queens (or Brooklyn) Depends where your walking. The main subway line around that neighborhood is the J. (Gets Crowded all the time). … Here are some things I found in this neighborhood.




Repeating Pattern

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Treasure Hunt Bushwick, Brooklyn & Ridgewood, Queens By: Aubrina Halley

I officially live in brooklyn, but at same time with queens because I am right on the border line. In fact I have a queens zipcode, weird. My block is kind of quiet because most people work or are not at home. However at soon it gets even a little warmer, loud music is played and parties in backyard. There is also annoying ice-cream truck, and sirens from abulances, fire trucks, and police cars. Also make sure you always look down my block is known for its maze of dog doo. Parking is always hard to find, and it dosen’t help cars from other blocks park on our block too. I like that my neighborhood is multicultural. Where I live there are some white, black, hispanic, west indian, chinese people and more espeially heaading towards queens where it gets european.       

These numbers mean the auctave for gas, you know when you go to the gas station to refill your vehicle

    Picture# 1) These numbers reprsent the auctave tank, you know when you go to refill gas for your vehicle, i think has to do with which prenium of gas your getting. I don’t quite understand myself since I don’t fill gas  

This pattern on my door is just cool   

Picture # 2) This is a pattern on my door. I choose it because it just looks so cool to me different from normal designs of doors, and kind of crystal like.   

Don't know what type of vehicle but its cool, and has 3 circles  

Picture#3) I don’t know what type of vehicle it is, not my thing, and I tried to aim it so I didn’t get license plate. Two of circles are headlights, and the third is the fog light. 

Parallel and perpendicular  

Picture # 4) I went to New York&Company and notice the poles in the display were both parallel and perpendicular     


Picture#5) Well I notice the Mcdonald’s sign was two parabolas connected that open downwards            

Weeping Willow 

Picture #6) This is a picture in a little garden of a weeping willow tree. I like because it looks comfortable to sit under as shade, and looking at  seems peaceful. Its calming. How many places in NY Brooklyn have trees, let alone a weeping willow. Yea there are some parks and stuff, but most trees are cut down; there is nothing but sidewalks and buildings. If you want to see trees you would have to go upstate or central park or something. New York’s layout before there was buildings were covered by a forest of trees.


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From my title everybody can tell that I’m from South Jamaica Queens. Although the street i live on in relatively quiet, my neighborhood is far from that. There are usually multiple illegal things going on any given day which is why there is a very heavy police presence. Due to the nature of my area i don’t like to be in the area when possible. I will say that when I enter my block it feels like a whole other world almost enough to make you forget you are in a working class neighborhood. To anybody wishing to visit my neighborhood, the best advice i can give is to keep your head down and go about your business. Because my neighborhood isn’t very friendly as well as spending my entire spring break at work. The photos are not from any one particular neighborhood but were taken during my travels,


Photo 1: is a picture of a traffic light and the 3 circles are the bulbs of the light

Photo 2: The repeating pattern of the glass building in the background of the picture. The glossy glass panels along with the matte panels forming an aesthetic and artistic pattern. I find this very interesting because it show’s the more artistic side of architecture.

Photo 3: I thought of this on my way home from work one night. i realized that the tracks and Third rail always run parallel and the concert ties that hold the rails in place are alway perpendicular to the rails.

photo 4: the style # to a pair of Nike Id Sneakers i won while i was at work over spring break, The number is unique to only that one pair of sneakers




Photo 5: i couldn’t really find a parabola until i passed by a McDonald and noticed the “Golden arches” two parabolas.

Photo 6: This is a photo of a model Camaro that i got for my Birthday 4 months back. During the time i wasn’t at work and not sleeping, i managed to paint all the parts and assemble it. A huge hobby for me is model building. I like to work with my hands and building cars, Boats, Planes, Robots, ect. keep my mind busy which i something i truly enjoy.

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