Treasure Hunting in Clason Point/Soundview,Bronx, NY Jonathan Harris

My neighborhood is nice and peaceful one. There are a lot of house owner and private house owner for renting. Everyone in the neighborhood is friendly and keep to themselves. I like the neighborhood because of it being quiet at all times of the day and nights are safer to. If a visitor came to my neighborhood, they would like how the projects are far away from my area. In their minds, they will say ” Your block is awfully quiet”.

Picture #1  
This is an interesting brick pattern because my area has a lot of the standard straight brick design.

Picture #2
I like this flag post because I see my neighorhood is very partiotic of the US.

Picture #3
These 3 or more circles are tires from the local Auto Fix shop.

Picture #4a
These are perpendicular of a window safety grate.

Picture #4b
These are parallel lines of a window frame. ( Dont mind my reflection in the window.)
Picture #5
These numbers are a telephone number to rent a store. (I edit out the area code.)

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