Treasure Hunt Rochdale Village (Jamaica), Queens – Demetria Anderson

My neighborhood is Rochdale Village; however, no one knows that name so I just tell them Jamaica, Queens. I just moved to this part of Queens in December and I’m quite pleased with it. It isn’t busy or loud on my block but on the main streets (either Guy R Brewer or Merrick) it can get busy. The loudest it has gotten, however, was when these “rappers” were making a video in the schoolyard — FAIL! The few good things about it is that I’m a block away from a bus depot, which also happens to be where my mother works, so it’s easy to get where I need to go. There isn’t much I can say I don’t like because I don’t “hang out” like most people do. Visitors to my neighborhood should know that it is conveniently placed near transportation: we have a LIRR station that can take you to Penn Station or Babylon or both (and a bunch more places) — your choice. It’s also close to the E,F,J and Z trains. Another thing visitors should know about my neighborhood is that it has a great place to shop for the latest “kicks” TAX-FREE (some stores) on “The Ave,” as we call it, or Jamaica Avenue.

Circles Circles: Three windows atop a church/school
Love the colors Pattern: Bricks on a neighbors fence
Tiles Parallel and Perpendicular Lines: Tiles on the wall of a store
Don't get caught going faster! Numbers: Speed Limit Sign
Parabola shaped tree Parabola: Now TO ME (look very close), this tree’s branches are going upward forming a few parabolas
Japanese Cherry Blossom Something I Like: Now I’m a fall loving girl but the color of these flowers and the way they fell around this sign were gorgeous

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  1. Those cherry blossoms are awesome! they are one of my favorite trees. hopefully if i pass this class and graduate next year around this time i will go to Japan to see the Cherry Blossom trees…………

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