Treasure Hunt

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  1. brina92 says:

    how do you create a post for the treasure hunt?

  2. mizzdemy says:

    Go to the post that has the instructions for this and click the link that the prof gave on how to post….

  3. brina92 says:

    Some page did come up, but I didn’t understand it, was talking about going to site course, and it only took me the beginning when you first sign on to openlab

  4. mizzdemy says:

    okay….actually ur here already. on this page that you are writing on look to your RIGHT under META you will see SITE ADMIN…click that, from there make your post

  5. mizzdemy says:

    once you click that, on your left you will see POST hover over that and you will see NEW, click it and write what you want to write for the Treasure Hunt assign. Hope this helped

  6. brina92 says:

    Oh okay, I think I got it, im not sure if I post it right, but I’ll check later. Thanks a lot! I was getting frustrated 🙂

  7. brina92 says:

    Do you what is the password to check what grade you got on the test?

  8. mizzdemy says:

    Your post is fine. And for the grades, its no longer protected by a pw, so just go to grades and check

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