Treasure Hunt Ozone Park by Cindy Soto

My neighborhood is in Ozone Park located in Queens. It is a very calm, nice and quiet neighborhood. What I like about my neighborhood is that everything I need is mostly near by. The A train is one block away from my neighborhood, which makes it easy for me to get to school and work.

The three circles are the three satellite dishes on the roof.

I like the diamond shape pattern.

The lines on the windows are parallel and perpendicular lines.

Telephone number on a sign.

The door is shaped like a parabola.

A picture of a small waterfall pond with fishes inside.


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2 Responses to Treasure Hunt Ozone Park by Cindy Soto

  1. Hey Hi! I just want to say that I like the last picture you posted, it’s nice and pretty peaceful. I was trying to see the fishes inside but hardly saw one I guess!

  2. brina92 says:

    That picture with the stone, and pond with fish is cool. That’s something you really don’t see everyday. So calm I could sit by there read or take a nap or something

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