“Treasure Hunt Far Rockaway”

My Neighborhood is Far Rockaway Which is technically Queens but being that it is so far out many consider it to be its own little island. It is very quiet where I live people stay to themselves so you will rarely see people hanging out. What I love most about my neighborhood is the beach is only 2 blocks away & the casino is less than 5 train stops away which can also be very annoying because of the tourist. A visitor should know nothing is convenient to everything is driving distance and besides the beach there’s nothing else to do.

Picture #1&2: Circles: windows on condo /Tic Tac Toe Board




Picture#3 Pattern : Boardwalk




Picture#4&5  Parallel Perpendicular lines: Slide/Pole


Picture#6 Numbers: Parking Space

Picture#7 Parabola: Basketball Court

Picture#8 Like: The Beach

I like the beach because its calming and a great place to relax & think.

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  1. mizzdemy says:

    Very nice! (No offense) But I’ve heard bad things about far rock. These pics shows me that what I’ve heard was wrong and/or exaggerated. Wish I leaved close enough to a beach like that =)

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