Treasure Hunt – Floral Park, Queens – Andrew Boodhoo

My neighborhood, Floral Park, is located in Eastern Queens.  Floral Park is bordered by Bellerose, New Hyde Park, Douglaston, and Elmont.  One thing I like about Floral Park, is that it looks and feels like the suburbs of Long Island as opossed to other Queens neighborhoods.  One thing I dislike about Floral Park, is that it is way too quiet.  You hardly see people walking around or just hanging out.  A visitor to my neighborhood should know that it is very boring around here and there aren’t many activities you can do in Floral Park.  Another thing a visitor to Floral Park should know is that most of the stores and shopping centers are within walking distance.

This circle is a rim and a tire of a car in my neighborhood.

This circle is a speaker I saw on the grass at the park.

This circle is the rim of a basketball hoop I saw in front of someone's house.

This pattern is of a brick walk way I saw in front of a school. I think this is interesting because the size of every piece has to be on point and the color coordination makes this a nice walk way.

These parallel and perpendicular lines are from a ladder I spotted on my friends front lawn.

These numbers are from the license plate of a commercial vehicle parked on the street in my neighborhood.

These parabolas are formed from the mounted design of some holiday decorations.

I like my 2010 Chevy Camaro, because it can take me around to different neighborhoods and bring me back to Floral Park, Queens.

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  1. 1st i also live in queens and have never been to floral park. I didnt think any other neighborhood in queens would be quiet or boring. I laughed when i saw the parabola picture first thing i thought was its almost summer who still has decorations up..thats why its a treasure hunt. I also really liked the brick pattern and the random speaker in the yard..funny stuff ..nice pictures.

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