Growing Up with Technology

Growing Up with Technology

I really had to think hard about what my first memories with technology was. As you get older, your memories begin to fade little by little and they become somewhat ambiguous. Technology is a part of everyday life now and it’s something we take for granted. We really don’t think about how it affects us in a positive or negative way. This was the first time I really had to think about the connection between literacy and orality to technology. I used the class readings, especially the article by Neil Postmann, to help guide me through this writing assignment. If I was to do this project over again, I would try and gather outside articles and spend more time studying orality and literacy. I did have to watch a YouTube video on Orality, although I didn’t necessarily use any of the information as strong guides in my writing.

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3 Responses to Growing Up with Technology

  1. Be more specific about the types of technologies you have used in the past. What brand of gaming console did you play? What operating systems were on the computers you used in school? Was there a particular program you used to learn how to type? I think these things will give the reader a better understanding of the tech from back then and how it influenced you.

  2. Tiana Beatty says:

    The narrative was good and it gave an insight on who you are and it was very interesting. There are a few errors that can be corrected as well, but those are minor. I liked the reflective memories comparisons from the past into today.

  3. Aaron Nieves says:

    Going over my own writing, there definitely needs to be a few revisions on grammar. I would like to further expand on some thoughts, such as expanding on a few of my thoughts and examples. The conclusion needs to be reworked.

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