Bp #2

The author literally says that many activities wouldn’t exist without electric light. For instance, brain surgery, factories, electrical devices, etc. Intellectually one innovation led to another, for example, the invention of the telephone. Currently, we can access the world through social media and stay connected to our loved ones around the world. This quote reminded me of the quote from the postman, “If there had been no railway to conquer distances, my child would never have left his native town and I should need no telephone to hear his voice; if traveling across the ocean by ship had not been introduced, my friend would not have embarked on his sea-voyage and I should not need a cable to relieve my anxiety about him”. These two quotes have comparable contents. for example, both speak of loved ones being distant from them because of innovation and technology. Which I agree, these two articles and quotes affected me emotionally. There are some days when I wonder what my life would’ve been like if there were no electric light or railroads, airplanes, devices, or technology. I feel like I would have been stuck in one place, doing what I will never know until I experience it on my way.

The author literally says the definition of contact zones is where two different cultures meet, clash and grapple with each other. Intellectually, contact zones is the norm nowadays, especially in America, since it is the melting pot. There are many types of cultures in the United States because of immigration and migration. For instance, emotionally I can relate to this and I do assume that I can use myself as an example of contact zones because I immigrated here from Bangladesh when I was eight years old and I have been living here since then. So I have also adopted American culture mixed with my Bengali culture. At home, I speak fluent Bangla when I am outing with my friends. I speak English and I am more of an American. 


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