Final Project

better project part 3

new gimp and editted final

Infographic. i decided to do police brutality in the United States. In this project it shows the statistics on how minorities are being treated but the whites are barely being untouched. The project shows how white people feel extremely confident in the ways police are diffusion situations, but are blinded by the fact that they are being protected more then hispanics and black. The gimp shows many photos of police manhandling citizens and also pepper spraying protestors. i placed statistics on the gimp project to show cities that are being abused by police officers. In the conclusion of the project i placed a picture of a young man who was unarmed and shot by a police officer.

Culture Jam. i decided to play with the ATT logo. After working for ATT for a long period of time, it came to my realization that ATT were thieves. They would charge customers unnecessary fees. As i started doing more research on ATT, it was discovered that ATT use to offer unlimited data. Now that they stopped offering unlimited data, customers who has unlimited data would realize their internet speed would decrease dramatically after a certain period. ATT came up with a new plan, to give customers 15 gigs and remove their unlimited gigs. This plan cost more then unlimited, plus if the customer goes over it would be a 15 dollar charge for every gig they go over.

Inspirational Piece. In my inspirational piece, i decided to have two keys. One key the had the letter “e” at the end, which would stand for Equality. The other key, would have a group of men carry the key into the world, and that key would stand for “Together”. In the background, it would be the black flag in a form of the American flag.I did my project in this form because i felt that if we all work together and put equal effort in the country, then this country would be a better place to live in. equal oppurtunity and equal rights. it is for that reason why i placed the black flag in a form of an american flag to try and symbolize ways we can be equal.

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