Response#14 – Revision


I have changed my culture jam to Exxon Mobil. A  Texas oil and gas company who uses a type of drilling process called Fracking. Fracking has been a controversial issue because this process has lead to environmental concerns, such as earthquakes, contaminated water around the area where its taking place, and the extensive use of water to perform this process overall. As for my image, I plan on adding more graphics such the gas coming out of the ground, I have to mention fracking, and I plan on putting the Texas flag on the jack hammer. I want to insert small amount of text just have to figure how to go about it.

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1 Response to Response#14 – Revision

  1. Kim,
    I like this change that you’ve made quite a bit. It’s almost there. You do need to think about the eruption of oil as that is not consistent with the fracking process. Getting oil to gush out of the earth is a completely different and much safer process than fracking is. The message that the image is sending is that they can inject the earth to extract oil, but that’s not what’s happening. How can this be changed to be more specific to fracking?

    I like the changes that you are proposing, but I think that’s one you’ll need to think about. Is that a jackhammer? It looks like a syringe, and being that fracking is accomplished through the injection of chemicals, the syringe works well.

    I wonder if you should use the texas flag, when there are many states that engage in fracking. Maybe you should use all of them? I’m not sure.

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