Culture Jam: Revision

This is option 1 for my culture jam. I can use this logo by itself to convey a message and/or ideology. I was told that the logo looked way too similar to the original and needed something to make it stand out. So this is my attempt to make it do just that. 



This is option 2 for my culture jam. This is similar to a storyboard where I have Kanye West being displayed as an excited potential customer of DirecTV, only to find out that they were sued for false advertising. This option is a little bit more elaborate and gives a brief backstory on the reason behind the manipulation of the logo.


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2 Responses to Culture Jam: Revision

  1. Hi Abigale,
    I like what you have a lot. I think you can just go with the second one. A couple of thoughts:
    First, there’s a lot of text. I’d suggest going back and trying to trim it down. Even if you only make a few edits, reducing the word count but keeping the same info would be good. Second, I see what you did with the last images, using the mirror image. That last shot of Kanye is really important, but unfortunately we already saw the same expression above. That winds up taking some of the power from the final expression away. I’d suggest getting a different image of Kanye for the penultimate Kanye frame. Alternatively, I absolutely love the first image of him that you got. I also love how he’s being schooled by Kim. Seems like Kanye’s always getting schooled.

  2. Abigale says:

    Thank you, Professor! I understand exactly what you’re saying and I will make those changes right away. I have a great idea for the final image of Kanye.

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