For my culture jam my initial idea was either the AARP organization and try to display how the elderly are treated or something with Absolut Vodka. I had a hard time figuring how to make it work, so I decided to scratch both ideas. I figured out another idea which came from the social issue paper that we did earlier in the semester. One of the three issues was about the transgender community, so for the culture jam I decided to make a connection with the Skittle logo and slogan to the transgender bathroom issue that is going on. In which legislation wants to stop a transgender person from using the bathroom that cor response with the gender they identify with. For my rough draft I wanted to use a wavy rainbow to come in between the male and female restroom sign to represent the social issue. As for the slogan, it is normally “Taste the Rainbow.” I changed it to “Feel The Separation.” I’m not completely committed to the slogan, and I still might change it to something else.

For my Culture Jam I used Pikochart and GIMP. On Pikochart I uploaded the all the images I used. From there I switched to GIMP to blend everything together, and add Text. I have to clean up a lot of the icons and  graphics I used. I have an idea to stretch the rainbow into the male and female signs and it begins to get colorful so the signs are not just all black, but I have to figure out how to do that. The second tutorial that showed how to blend two images together was very helpful because that’s how I blended  my rainbow images together.

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