For my infographic image I came up with the idea to use recognizable traps meant to catch animals to represent the TRAP laws that is associated with abortions. I drew a bear trap, box trap, mouse trap, net trap, Venus fly trap, glue trap, and a trapping pit. I envision that all the text I will write will be what is getting trapped. For my culture jam, I have two ideas that i’m thinking about, and I don’t know which to choose. The first is base on the AARP organization whose catch phrase is “Real Possibilities.” I want to either show how society really views elderly people. Maybe do a play on words with their catch phrase like the only possibility that leads to a nursing home or maybe from some older people they have get out of retirement and go back to work because their standard of living changed because of the economy. My second idea is using the alcohol company Absolut to make a connection with power, greed,wall street, and capitalism.  As for my inspirational image I had drawn out multiple worlds and put a NO symbol  around it and underneath is another drawing with one world. I think I want to connect this drawing with climate change since it affects everyone and the things we do in one location will effect others around the world.



Culture Jam:




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  1. Abigale says:

    For an foremost, I think your drawing skills are impressive. The idea of the actual traps to explore the TRAP laws was a great idea. For your inspirational idea, I thought it was cool that you considered the world and we use and abuse it. I don’t think a lot of us realize just how much harm we’re doing to the world, and ultimately to ourselves.

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