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For my infographic I am still unsure about where i want it to go and exactly what I want I want it to look like. I’m still debating what type of background I’m going to use. I know that I want it to be something that catches the readers attention and makes a good contrast with colors of the pictures and text. I’m debating between a neutral background an all black background with colors like red, white, blue, green, etc. As for what it will contain, the infographic will contain four different sections. Each section will be displaying the statistics of a different substance. I will be discussing in the first section the use and abuse of prescription medication, in the second section will be the use and abuse of recreational drugs, he third section will be the use and abuse of alcohol, and lastly the fourth section will discuss the rate of deaths and/or long term effects of each substance. The colors of the text will most likely be white or a bright color with darker background. The colors of the text will be darker to suit a neutral background. For the images I will use, I want them to images that people recognize so that it isn’t difficult to process the information I am trying to present to them. For the first section, I want to us images of prescription medication bottles because the pills that people are usually abusing are prescribed to them or to someone else and I think its common for someone to see that happening. For the second section, I’m going to use images of marijuana in different forms that people are familiar with because it is a popular recreational drug. For the third section I’m going to use images of alcohol because many people drink and are familiar with the way that bottles look and what they advertise. For the fourth section, I’m going to use images of an ambulance truck to symbolize injuries, a coffin or funeral setting to symbolize death that may result from substance abuse, and an image of the brain to symbolize the mental damage that substances can have on a person who abuses them. Each section will have its own statistical information and possibly a chart or graph displaying those statistics. I’m still not sure about these ideas because I haven’t had a great amount of time to really think about what I envision however, the picture below gives a small idea of the images I will be using in each section. I’m inspired to do this topic for my infographic because I wrote about it for my social justice paper and I feel like it is a very important topic. i’m excited about this project because it’s interesting to see where I go with each section and to what extent will I use my creative abilities.


Culture Jam:

For the Culture Jam section of my project, I’m pretty much stuck. I don’t know exactly what I want to do and I have not had the time to think about as much as I would like to. I really haven’t some up with what I would like to do for this part because there are so many overused topics and there’s really nothing you can do with them anymore. I’m thinking about doing something with the way that cows are fed and the way our milk is produced. I’m also thinking about doing on the Treseme hair products because I have learned through an article that they test their hair products on animals to distinguish what is good and what is bad for the hair. It would mot likely be a picture of their shampoo bottle which is usually black and white, I would manipulate the image or their logo in some way. I would probably put the shampoo bottle in a scenario with an animal to display the effects it ma have them and humans. I’m also thinking about doing something on deforestation but I’m still unsure about any of these ideas. I do need much more time to think and sketch out my ideas.


As for the inspirational piece, I’m still completely lost on exactly what it should look like or contain. I have not read the article on the blog yet so I haven’t really got an idea on what he piece should contain. Therefore I am in the same stage for this piece as I am for the culture jam piece except I haven’t really sat down and thought about any particular ideas. Over the break I’m sure I will take the time to do so.

Part 2:

I have created an account with piktochart and I have watched the tutorial posted in the blog. However, I have not made much progress with my infographic, the picture below only shows some progress.

substance-abuse infographic

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  1. Abigale says:

    The idea you discussed about the culture jam (shampoo) sounds quite interesting. I think you should proceed with it, however, I also like the deforestation idea. If you decide to go with that, I think it would be great as well. It’s not a common topic, so I think for even mentioning it, that shows that you are thinking outside the box.

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