Response 13


This is my infographic, very early stage. I plan to give it a black background and use multiple colors for emphasis. Blue, red and pink are some that I have think will go well. I put them pictures in a way that both draws attention and has information. The hands in the middle will be my divider for the  infographic. The test will either go inside some pictures or will fit in near their picture of relation.


I chose Sony and i plan to play off the fact that is not only is a highly profitable company but the fact that they tends to buy out many smaller companies. It will be a white black maybe some blue tint background just like the Sony logo. I will put some of their products and companies that they own into the Sony words itself.


This is my last piece and I am playing off the fact that Lions symbolize courage. I have my lion with my a magic wand because it goes with the lines “courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.” I will put a real lion and try to have it look like it is drawn on a building as a background.


Part 2

prototype infographic

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2 Responses to Response 13

  1. Thanks for getting this done, Josh. Can you do me/us a favor and reload your pictures after they have been turned the right way? We can’t read them like this!

  2. Abigale says:

    I have never heard that quote about the lion, dreams, and magic. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. With that being said, I think your sketch is good, especially since I am now aware of what it’s supposed to symbolize. Nice idea and great concept. Can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s completed!

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