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Reading the article by John Jordan, he stated many important factors of the purpose of poetry and art. Jordan elaborated through his essay that working together and joining forces is a form of art and can make a huge different in the community or state you’re living in. Jordan explained in his essay a tall scaffolding tower nicknamed Dolly, which broke through the roof of one of the houses. The purpose of Dolly was to stand against officials and not allow them to destroy the community people were living in for a road. Many activists decided to build a scaffold full of posters and art designs to end the demolishing. Jordan also explained in his essay that it cost the city a lot of money to continue on with the construction, but it was more money to try and stop activists from protesting.
“This was theatre like you’d never seen it; theatre on a scale that would not fit in any opera house. It was a spectacle that cost over 2 million to enact; a spectacle in which we were in control of” stated in Jordan’s article. The people control the government with their act, and an opera hall was not needed for them to show the world. Through their actions, they felt liberated, in control of the situation. The art they have created at that moment was priceless and they were able to show the world their art work through their movement.
On page 146, Schnechner write that “the difference between temporary and permanent change distinguishes carnival from revolution”. This quote explains that a carnival is artificial and temporary but a revolutionary is something that change the view of the world and makes a difference. Reading this article explains that, when people all come together they form a type of Detornament that can be view in a poetic matter that becomes beautiful and surreal.

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  1. Abigale says:

    “On page 146, Schnechner write that “the difference between temporary and permanent change distinguishes carnival from revolution””, that was a very interesting point! I definitely agree with it. A carnival is a temporary celebration for a special cause, while a revolution is an ongoing event towards change that leaves residual side-effects. People will more than likely remember a revolution rather than a carnival. Think the Black Panther Party movement, versus a carnival held for people in a small community or even a large community for that matter. Revolutions tend to have staying power whereas carnivals do not, though they may represent a great cause.

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