Reading Connection

The readings on the Creative Détournement project are quite interesting. The Beautiful Trouble Piece explains what creative détournement is and its connection to the “pepper spray cop” piece, while the creative cultural resistance piece goes into detail about using creative détournement when fighting against a particular cultural resistance. The way i connect the pieces in my mind was by realizing that they are both promoting this form of protest, they are promoting people to use their creativity to get their views and opinions out into the open, they want people to realize and address a cultural resistance.

Examples of Creative Détournement

Infographic: This example of an infographic displays America’s Economy in percentages, glancing at the 2008 government shutdown.

economy-at-a-glance Infographic

Culture Jam: This example of a Culture Jam displays the way that Apple and it’s technology effects society and physical, human interaction.

Culture Jam

Inspirational Piece: This example of an inspirational piece is a quote by John F. Kennedy that serves as a reminder of the power that people hold within in them to solve all of our issues such as, poverty and illness.


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