Class Assignment – April 13, 2016

The two readings “Détournement/Culture jamming” and “Cultural Resistance: The arts of protest” connects to the creative détournement project  because both articles gives us an idea of how to create our very own détournement. In the “Détournement/Culture jamming” article it explains how  altering famous or popular images to create a social message became popular, and they are so effective because people can relate to them. In “Cultural Resistance: The arts of protest” connects to the project because it shows the various ways one can address a magnitude of social issues, whether by creating posters, videos, a campaign, a movement or other tactics. Both readings emphasize that the purpose is to shine a light on a social, political, economical, or environmental issue that is more harmful than beneficial in a society. Creating détournements is way one can express a problem they feel needs to be acknowledge. The infographic I found showcases how the English language has changed throughout the years because of the influence of technology. My Culture Jam displays a famous scene from Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film. It displays how a society is obsessed with buying Apple products to point where they are unaware of how harmful it could be. For my inspirational image, it promotes the idea of two opposite sides working together in a truthful and respectable way to move forward towards a similar goal.


How English Language Has Changed Over The Years Infographic

Culture Jams




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