Class Assignment – 4/13/2016

The two pieces that we read in class connected to the creative détournement assignment because the central focus in both articles were the opposition to oppressive and corporate forces. The assignment that we will be working on requires us to create culture jams that may criticize or manipulate the messages of popular corporations, images, or ideas.

In the Beautiful Trouble article, the author discusses the technique known as détournement. A détournement “appropriates and alters an existing media artifact.” This is done to divert the attention from one meaning of the artifact, to a newer, and more familiar meaning. Many artists engage in the creation of détournements to speak candidly about social issues, while letting their artwork speak for them. Some artists may also choose to hide their identity, and some may be courageous enough to show themselves. While he agrees that the constant flux of advertisements of popular culture are oppressive and alienating, he explains that it also presents a lot of opportunities to manipulate messages that caters to the plight of people in urban societies.

In the “Cultural Resistance: The Arts of Protest” article, the author pretty much discusses the same concept that was explained in the Beautiful Trouble piece. The term cultural resistance is mentioned, and it is described as “an accessible mode of artistic expression that voices — in a wide range of mediums — opposition to or criticism of certain political, economic, social, or other concerning circumstances in a community.” The article also describes many ways that people may express their oppositions, whether they decide to do it overtly or covertly and potential problems that may arise if an artist’s work offends or threatens an establishment.


  1. This infographic provides statistical information on the negative impacts of domestic violence against women.


2. This culture jam pokes fun at the fact that Starbucks sells unnecessarily expensive cups of coffee, in comparison to its competitors.


3. This is an inspirational piece that uses an image and words to convey a positive message. It also addresses ways that we can reduce poverty by providing a simple solution.




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